GlamCorner Awarded Terracycle’s Top Business Collector for 2017

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January 12, 2018

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We are delighted and super proud to announce that GlamCorner has risen to the top of the online retailing pack to earn the title of Terracycle Australia’s Top Business Collector for 2017 for collecting the most units of hard-to-recycle waste nationwide! In this post we detail more about Terracycle and why GlamCorner established our partnership with them in order to have a more positive impact on our environment.

Who are TerraCycle and what do they do?

TerraCycle was founded back in 2001 and since then the company has grown to become a world recycling leader through its innovative approach in the collection/reuse of non-recyclable retail packaging waste. TerraCycle reuses, upcycles and recycles waste instead of incinerating or landfilling it. This moves waste from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling in our economy. TerraCycle takes hard-to-recycle packaging, such as most online retailing return satchels, and turns them into innovatively reuseable and affordable new products through scientifically engineering new input materials to meet specifications of manufacturers. Ultimately this means that new materials do not have to be sourced from raw materials and therefore creates a far lower environmental footprint and impact – particularly via a lower use of crude oil.


To date, over 63 million people are collecting in 20 countries and have collected billions of pieces of waste, raising over 15 million dollars for charities around the world.

Terracycle’s global impact has been significant…

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TerraCycle’s goal is to ‘create materials that can be used as a sustainable alternative to virgin materials and plastics which require more crude oil in their production‘.

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How does the TerraCycle program work?

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TerraCycle runs several free recycling programs to motivate the participation of hard-to-recycle waste collection. Recycling programs include beauty care packaging, L’Occitane packaging, Cleaner packaging, Oral care packaging, Kids pouch & snack packaging and Nespresso coffee capsule packaging products – and of course, GlamCorner’s very own Return Mailing Satchels. Throughout the year TerraCycle runs Mailing Satchel Recycling Programs in a bid to encourage Australian retail companies and consumers nationwide to collect and recycle their used mailing satchels as an aid in helping raise funds to donate to a non-profit organisation of their choice and, of course, care for the environment.

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Each unit received by TerraCycle earns AU$0.02 which can be allocated towards a nominated charity. To be eligible for donation points each shipment must weigh over 1kg.

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TerraCycle working with GlamCorner

This year TerraCycle has worked closely with GlamCorner in an attempt to recycle as many satchels as possible and put them to a better use. In the last quarter of 2017 alone, GlamCorner recycled tens of thousands of prepaid and padded mailing satchels and, as a result, has quickly become the Top Business Collector for 2017 – Nationwide!

GlamCorner & TerraCycle thank you – our wonderful customers!

GlamCorner acknowledges that our success in the TerraCycle recycling program is a credit to each and every one of our wonderful customers. If you have made a rental booking with us in 2017 you can stand proud knowing that you have helped us reach a truly incredible milestone. Your reuse in satchels and packaging during the process of returning a garment/s has helped us to have a truly positive impact on our environment, community and industry. GlamCorner thanks you immensely and looks forward to standing tall towards a bright and environmentally friendly future.

We’re so proud to be TerraCycle’s Top Business Collector for 2017. This just goes to show how much of a positive impact businesses in the fashion and e-Commerce space can have on the environment.
– Dean Jones, Co-Founder and CEO, GlamCorner

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Future partnership between GlamCorner & TerraCycle

GlamCorner plans to continue our partnership with TerraCycle throughout 2018 and beyond by contributing to the Mailing Satchel Recycling Program. We will continue to collect and recycle all packaging to help raise funds for charitable organisations and promote the reuse of resources to help make our planet more sustainable for many generations to come.

We’re really driven by the commitment of Australian businesses in this program and by their hard work in raising awareness about waste and sustainability.
– Jean Bailliard, General Manager, TerraCycle Australia & New Zealand

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