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Transform Your Friday Night Look With Our Top 5 Accessories

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January 25, 2017

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I’m ashamed to say that I have never been one for accessories. After meticulously putting an outfit together I find I am left with no motivation to try and mix and match accessories. I wasn’t blessed with such a gift as this. I wish I was because after years of birthday jewelry accumulating I have now got a size-able stash of statement pieces just waiting to be worn for the right occasion.

However as with all things, I decided to take a plunge into unknown fashion territory and incorporate accessories in my going-out outfits. Mind-blowing. Accessories really can make (or break if you go OTT) an outfit. I found my favourite Friday night look is a simple black slip dress with a a turquoise statement necklace. Without it, the dress is just a basic slip – still gorgeous, but just a slip. With a statement accessory it is transformed into a look worthy of Vogue.

You can transform your Friday night look with the help of a few key accessories. Follow on for fresh inspo to transform your Friday night look with updates using these top 5 accessories available to rent from GlamCorner.

Our Top 5 Accessories To Transform Your Outfit From ‘Blah’ To ‘Ta-Da!’

1. It’s in the bag

Olga Berg - Sevanna Hot Fix Crystal Pod - Front
Olga Berg - Sara Pyramid Mesh Clutch - Black
Olga Berg - Ashton Sparkle Evening Pod - Front

A clutch is not just for storing spare lippie and fashion solutions. There is power in that small bag, and if you’ve ever been to the spring carnival season you will notice many ladies treat their clutch as an extension of their outfit. You can do the same with your Friday-night get-up. Try taking note of how you can use a statement clutch or purse to transform your outfit; think about the colour and style of your dress and look to a clutch in a contrast colour. If you’re planning on wearing an all-black ensemble, try adding bright pops of colour with a yellow clutch and matching earrings. Choosing the right clutch to go with your outfit may seem like a case of ‘the too hard bucket’ but it really is simple. Here are some tips to take note:

1. Take note of how many personal items you wish or need to be lugging for your night out. If you are planning on being out all night, you may want to opt for a larger clutch or a shoulder bag which will give you room for storage while still looking stylish.

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2. Think about colour. Determine the colour of your outfit and choose a clutch in a contrast or complementing tone. If you are wearing an all-black outfit, you have freedom of reign and can opt for a bright contrast or a shimmery metallic pod.

3. Balance the textures of your outfit with your clutch. If you have a heavily embellished dress or one with a lot of detail and differing textures, opt for a clutch that will not clash. Look to a plain black matte or even an embellished purse making sure it blends well with the tone of the dress.

4. Size matters. Just like body types, clutch sizes vary. From big to small, oval to rectangle; there’s a clutch for every occasion. I like to counteract a long gown with a delicate purse or balance a mini dress with an envelope clutch for intrigue.

2. Statement Earrings

Jenny Bird - Large Edie Hoops - Silver

These new arrival Large Edie Hoops by Jenny Bird are an understatement statement! Hoop earrings have been having their time recently, but in my opinion they are a timeless classic and a perfect edition to any outfit. Wear this gorgeous pair with a high neck shift dress for a stunning Friday night look. These silver earrings are also available in a contemporary rose gold – perfect for warmer skin tones.

Selecting statement earrings is all about balance. If your outfit is very ‘busy’ try to avoid a busy earring (large, colourful, heavily embellished) Instead, opt for a pair of simple studs and make your statement piece a fashion ring or bangle.

3. The Stacked Cuff

Adorne - Diamante Stacked V Cuff - Silver

When it comes to transforming your Friday night outfit, stack ’em up! Stacked bracelets such as this Diamante Stacked V Cuff by Adorne look great alone or.. stacked up! Diamante statement pieces look great with sequin or neutral dresses. If your Friday night outfit is more laid-back chic (jeans and heels) a diamante cuff like this will add instant glamour. This cuff is a stylish piece that pairs beautifully with a Camilla playsuit or a sleek black evening gown. It’s a must-have in any wardrobe and transitions effortlessly from day to night! Perfect for your Friday night plans!

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4. Headbands aren’t just for the girls anymore

Olga Berg - Gold Filagree Leaf Metal Headband - Front
Olga Berg - Gold Filagree Leaf Metal Headband - Front

Give your locks a revamped look to match your outfit on your Friday night with an accessory that’s stood the test of time – headbands! From detailed barrettes to flirty fascinators, statement hair accessories can complete your look. This Gold Filagree Leaf Metal Headband by Olga Berg is a subtle yet strikingly beautiful piece which can be worn with your Friday night outfit to transform your look. Style it with loose waves for a romantic appearance. Check out our range of fascinators & headbands to find your perfect look!

5. Ear Cuffs

Friday night outfit transformation - ear cuffs
Jenny Bird - Illa Ear Cuff - Gold

A statement piece such as the on-trend ear cuff can be a simple yet effective way of transforming any Friday night outfit. The trick to wearing these babies is to keep the rest of the jewelry and accessories to a minimum. If you are going to wear an ear cuff, avoid wearing a necklace; this will end up looking way too busy. Instead opt for a high neck or backless dress to draw attention to the piece in a delicate way. This Illa Ear Cuff by Jenny Bird is the perfect piece to rent for an edgy look and addition to your going-out look.

Accessories are a simple yet effective way to transform any Friday night outfit. Whether it’s drinks with the girls or a date night with the beau, here’s proof you don’t need a new wardrobe to update your going-out look.

For more gorgeous accessories available to hire for any occasion, visit our Accessories page! xo

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