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What to Wear to a Baby Shower

One of the most joyous events you will ever attend in your life is the glorious baby shower extravaganza! What could be more exciting than joining together to celebrate the miracle of life you ask? Very few things my dear friends! There is simply nothing more powerful than watching the exhilarating pearly glow of a mother-to-be’s complexion light up the room.

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There is something so whimsical about being around pregnant women as they somehow manage to make even the most cynical women feel extremely maternal. So, when it comes to dressing for a baby shower event you can’t help but feel a little bit clucky. The best way to start planning your outfit for the day is to ask yourself some simple questions like, what’s my relationship to the mum-to-be, what type of venue will I be attending and exactly what season will I be dressing for?

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In this blog post we break it down for you making it as easy as A,B,C with styling tips for your upcoming baby shower function! Follow our guide to decoding your next baby shower look effortlessly. Read through our hot tips and tricks guaranteed to make you go goo-goo-ga-ga over angelic pretty pastels and lavish laces at your next Baby Shower event.


What to wear when you are expecting to be …

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All hail the baby mama! This day is all about the mama-to-be and celebrating her journey of pregnancy and highly anticipated birth. Obviously, dressing for a baby shower can prove to be more difficult for the mum-to-be than anyone else attending the baby shower. One of the biggest considerations of course (no pun intended) is the big baby bump.

Two words, keep it ‘light and loose’ especially if you are having your event in the hotter months! Try styles that accentuate your belly but at the same time offer you ease in movement and the ability to sit around with your gal pals comfortably. If you do opt for a fitted dress make sure the fabric has some stretch to it so the silhouette can hug your figure beautifully. Fun tip* Add a hint of colour to subtly reference the baby’s gender!


The hostess, usually a close family member or friend, is there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. She is there to greet guests and serve them during the event, as well as orchestrate any games or activities that have been planned.

This ultimately means that comfort and ease in movement should be highly considered by the hostess when selecting an outfit for the day. Choose a style that offers you grace yet still remain quite practical. Avoid things like overly daring plunge necklines and miniskirts. Opt for outfits featuring free flowing skirts with slightly longer hemlines for a flawlessly comfortable fashion finish.

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As a guest of the mum-to-be you are well aware that the day is focused on everything newborn baby! That being said, it doesn’t have to be all about the baby pink or blue when you are thinking of what outfit to choose for the day. This is a celebratory occasion after all, so try something a little more fun by opting for a bold print to set the joyous tone!

A brunch with the girls is the perfect opportunity to showcase some fun-loving fashion styles, however try to avoid the dark colour tones as they can come across as a little morbid. Also, try to steer clear of any hard textured elements such as leather as they can leave you looking a little too edgy. Baby showers are all about soft and ethereal colours, elements and textures!


The family member/BFF dress code is very similar to that of the guests! Like stated above, you want to keep it soft, lightly textured and ethereal! A baby shower event is usually held between brunch and the afternoon so you definitely can get away with something a little more causal such as a free flowing playsuit or summer shift dress.

Set the tone of the highly maternal theme by keeping your style as feminine as possible. Choose a bright floral print or fun patterned design as a way of adding some excitement to your overall look. Channel the feeling of love in a frilly floral explosion and for a fun baby theme feel try adding a touch of pastel colouring to your look.


So, where’s the party at?

The Ladies Luncheon

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The ladies luncheon is a great way of offering guests, such as close friends and family, a full sit down light lunch meal (perhaps in a restaurant’s private room) allowing them a beautiful level of intimacy to reflect on the glowing mum’s-to-be journey. Get ready for an elegant event featuring some great conversation and free flowing mummy mocktails for all to share.

WHAT TO WEAR: Channel the feeling of love in a frilly floral explosion!

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The Backyard BBQ

Having a baby shower at home offers a soulfully comforting vibe to the baby’s mama-to-be, her guests, close family and friends. Nothing is more fitting for a baby shower than a beautifully themed spring backyard garden party. Feel uber relaxed in the comfort of your own home or the home of someone near and dear to you! Note* keep a backup plan in mind making sure you can accommodate rainy weather.

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WHAT TO WEAR: A bold floral print to set the joyous tone!

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The High Tea Party

A much more refined take on the baby shower is the high tea function filled with opulence. A decadent homage to old English traditions commonly celebrated today in a semi-formal high tea setting. The perfect gathering type, offering the mum-to-be’s girls a beautiful afternoon of exquisitely fine teas (or champers for the not so heavily pregnant of us) and deliciously lavish baked goods!

WHAT TO WEAR: Free flowing skirts with slightly longer hemlines!

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The Country Club Soiree

What could be a better way to celebrate your baby shower than with a stress free and out of the city Country Club themed baby shower! The Country Club baby shower is a great way to get the girls out of town to enjoy some quality girl time together while in the tranquil surrounds of the soothing countryside. Besides let’s face, it could very well be one of the last chances the mum-to-be gets to relax before the reality of new mum life really sinks in.

WHAT TO WEAR: A touch pastel for that baby theme feel!


Exactly how do I dress for this thing?


Keep it light and sheer with a free flowing maxi dress or a full ruffled hemline.


Keep warm by covering up your shoulders and adding a statement sleeve to your look.


Experiment with layering and perhaps choose a winter option that is bright and fun.


Pretty florals are a key fashion staple to consider for a flawless spring time look.

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Do: Opt for something slightly soft and feminine in style.

Don’t: Wear sky high stiletto heels, instead opt for a wedge or sandal.

Do: Printed pieces and bold pattern prints such as polka dots.

Don’t: Squeeze into a dress that’s one size too small!

Do: Contrast your outfit with boldly coloured statement jewellery.

Don’t: Wear darker dreary tones such as black, grey or Navy.

Do: Smile and wear something you feel comfortable in!

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