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What to Wear to a Wedding Reception


Ahh, the splendid wedding event! Whether you’re the eternal protagonist or an enthusiastically vocal cynic, you can’t deny the fact there is something quite magnificent about dressing up for a fancy wedding day event. Wedding functions are the perfect opportunity for showing off fabulous floor length gowns or dazzling sequined dresses. Whatever your choice, make it count with our straight forward tips guaranteed to help you find the perfect dress.

The chances of attending a wedding at least once a year are bound to be high. For some people ‘the wedding event’ may seem as though it has become as common as the quintessential birthday party. When a wedding invitation arrives we can’t help but start to fret just a tad at the thought of what to wear? So what better way to feel on your game and super prepped than with our helpful and handy tips ready to use when you start thinking about your extravagant wedding guest outfit!

Tips to Consider When Dressing Up for a Wedding Reception


What Type Of Location Will the Wedding Be Held At?

A great tip when deciding on what to wear to your upcoming wedding event is to look closely at the wedding venue or location. This can be extremely helpful in understanding what would be suitable to wear. For example, an outdoor wedding held on a farm or open alfresco area would suggest that a layered look could work best. This, of course, would be for obvious reasons such as being comfortable in an outdoor environment and not freezing. Also, consider the type of footwear you choose as you don’t want to struggle moving around unpredictable terrains of extensive grassland or rough cobblestone street surfaces in a European village while attending a destination wedding.

Tip:Make sure you do your research. Oh Google, how we love you! Always search the details of the wedding location, especially if you are unfamiliar or traveling abroad for the wedding event.


What’s the Dress Code?

When you receive your wedding invite, it is important to scan and see if any wedding details pop out to suggest a theme or dress code. In most cases the invitation will clearly state the word ‘Dress Code’ if there is one. If the invitation does not suggest a dress code it can be hard to decipher what the theme may be. A great tip is to look at the style of the invitation to better understand the couple’s style or what the look or feel of the event may be. In most cases an opulent gold leave cursive font would typically suggest that the nature of the event will be formal, making a form fitted glitzy gown a good choice.

Tip:Always respect the couple’s wishes, if they state a theme or code follow it as a sign of good etiquette and general politeness!

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Should I Accessorise My Outfit or Keep it Simple?

The trick to knowing whether to accessorise your outfit or not lies within the style you have chosen. In other words, how much detail is already present in the design of your chosen garment. If you have picked a heavily beaded gown you may want to steer clear of over embellishing with too many accessories as the gown already has enough detail to stand out. Keep it simple and complement your outfit with a simple stud earring and elegant clutch. If, on the other hand, your outfit is more minimal and plain you can add a show stopping oversized pair of drop earrings and glamorous faux fur jacket to keep your shoulders warm particularly through the cooler months.

Tip:Accessorising your look can also be achieved through your makeup style. Add a bold lip to your bodycon midi dress for an instant glam girl look.

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Is It Best to Wear Something Comfortable?

This goes without saying ladies, no matter what the dress code is make sure your outfit is comfortable and easy to wear. Nothing is worse than you struggling to move around in a super tight floor length gown. Make sure the sizing and fit works well with your body shape and always dress for your figure and not for a trend. Thinking about the length of your dress is important, you don’t want it to be too long and drag against the ground especially if the wedding is held in an outdoor grassed area. A glamorous look can instantly be ruined by a muddy floor or wet surface. At the end of the day make sure your outfit is practical and well-tailored, you don’t want to be tripping over your feet or pulling up your bust line all day long.

TIP: Add a wedge heel to your look for a touch of practical styling and super comfortable wear.

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Should I Change After the Church Ceremony?

It has become increasingly popular for both the bride and guests to change outfits in between the church service and reception ceremony, giving us major royal vibes! Traditionally, dressing for the church would require strict guidelines as the rules and regulations of appropriate church attire would have to be considered. For example, this would mean no bare backs, short shirts or plunging necklines while attending the church, however the reception dinner would be the place for showing off some skin. At her recent wedding Megan Markle changed from a conservative wedding gown into a more contemporary white evening gown for her wedding reception. So make the switch from conservative church wear into something slightly more modern for the reception dinner.

Tip:Make sure you keep to the wedding dress code when choosing a second outfit. For the budget-conscious, stick with black as it can be easily transitioned from day to night.

Follow these easy to use tips for your upcoming wedding event and you’ll undoubtedly feel like the ‘ultimate party guest’ Remember to get the most out of your wedding guest look by pre-planning, doing your research and keeping true to your body shape and overall style. For more styling tips read our Wedding Guest Step by Step Makeup Guide blog post!

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