Wedding Guest Makeup – Step by Step Guide 2017

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August 7, 2017

In this blog post we take a detailed look, step by step, at a guide to achieving the perfect wedding guest makeup look. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a makeup marvel, this guide will help you complete your makeup look in a relaxed and organised manner.


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When attending a wedding function, we all want to look and feel our very best. However sometimes we spend so much time thinking about our dress that we completely neglect our makeup look for the day. Follow our guide and achieve the perfect makeup look at your next wedding day function.


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  2. In the lead up to your wedding function it is important to increase your water intake and watch the foods you eat. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods high in omega 3 oils will help keep your skin fresh and blemish free.

Hot Tip* Omega 3 rich foods are salmon, avocado and nuts just to name a few. Berries are also a great source of antioxidants which is fantastic for the skin.

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  2. Allow yourself a decent amount of time to apply your makeup. People underestimate the difference you can achieve with your makeup results when you are not rushing. Think of it like taking time and cooking from the heart, it always tastes better.

Hot Tip* Approx 45 mins should be a comfortable amount of time for you to complete your look.

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  2. It is amazing the difference products with the words ‘long lasting’, ‘long wearing’ or ‘waterproof’ can make. These products are something you simply cannot go pass wearing at an all-day function. They will also save you the stress of having to reapply your makeup multiple times throughout the day.

Hot Tip* Long lasting products are worth the investment as in long term you will need to use less product, giving you more value for money.

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  2. Moisturising your skin will not only smooth out your skin’s appearance, it will also reduce the appearance of any fine lines. For the best results use an oil free moisturiser to avoid that extra shiny look.

Hot Tip* Book yourself in for a pre-event facial one week prior to your event.

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  2. For a long lasting makeup look, make sure you apply a good quality primer evenly all over your face after you have moisturised. The use of a primer will help keep your foundation in its place and keep you looking fresh all day long.

Hot Tip* Opt for a silicone free primer as they can be less oily and give you a longer lasting finish.

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  2. Using the right tools to apply your makeup is essential and will give you the best results. Understanding how and why you are using a particular brush will set your makeup style in the right direction. Use the right brush to apply makeup and the right brush to blend makeup and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect look.

Hot Tip* Not always, but as a general note, flat brushes are used to apply while round fuller brushes are used to blend your makeup. Angled brushes can be used to define areas such as eyelids and lips.

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  2. A good foundation can be the difference between a caked on or flawless look. It is important as it creates a good base for your overall makeup look. Invest in a good foundation brand that works well for your skin tone and make sure you match it as close as possible to the colour of your skin. For the best result, don’t forget to blend your foundation past your jawline and down your neck. The purpose is to even out skin tone, not cover up skin’s imperfections so don’t overload.

Hot Tip* Picking the right foundation is like picking the right bra, leave it to the professionals and get a customised consultation at your nearest beauty outlet.

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  2. Your concealer should ideally match your skin tone, even if at first when applied it looks much lighter. You don’t want to use a concealer that is darker than your skin tone as it may end up showing as contrasting spots underneath your foundation. Remember you can always go back and set it later using a warm setting powder which will give your face a little more warmth and brighten your skin tone. The last thing you want to do is look as white as a ghost especially under the eyes.

Hot Tip* To avoid harsh lines blend the concealer in well, and like your foundation, get fitted for the perfect concealer tone from a professional.

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  2. Bronzer is great for contouring the face. To achieve the perfect bronzed look, using a bronzer brush the zones of your face that naturally reflect sunlight such as your cheekbones, forehead and nose. Following this procedure will have you looking and feeling incredibly sun-kissed, giving you the ultimate summer vacation vibe.

Hot Tip* A little bronzer goes a long way so make sure you use with caution, less is usually more.

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  2. This step is optional and totally up to you. Lightly dust your cheeks with some blush applying gently over the bronzer. Take care in not overindulging and adding too much otherwise you may end up looking flushed.

Hot Tip* Try using a shimmer based blush to add a sultry glow to your look. Read our ‘Five Spring Makeup Looks To Inspire You’ blog post for more tips on the perfect spring/summer glowing look.

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  2. Just like your face, it is important that you also prime your eyes with a shadow base or concealer to avoid your eye shadow creasing or fading. Although we may not be aware of it, our eyelids can get just as oily as our face if not more, making our eyeshadow crease. Opt for a shimmery neutral shadow for a more natural glowing look and use a nude shade of colour to allow your liner and mascara to stand out.

Hot Tip* Apply eyeshadow before eyeliner to avoid it becoming covered.

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  2. Highlighting your eyelashes and defining eyelids will help frame your eyes. A lengthening volume mascara and a bold dark eyeliner can give you a polarizing makeup look and can complement your naturally highlighted features. For a striking evening look opt for a liquid liner, however, take care to use with caution. Liquid liner can be difficult to master if you haven’t used it before and a little practice prior may be beneficial.

Hot Tip* Use false lashes for a more dramatic look. Keep in mind, individual lashes can give you a less obvious look and work well to fill in gaps in your eyelashes, thus creating a fuller look.

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  2. Make your brows stand out by using a pencil or matching coloured powder to help bridge gaps and subtly frame your face. Well defined brows make such a difference to your overall makeup look. Pick the best option for you, a brow pencil will give you a more natural look and works quite well if you already have naturally thicker eyebrows. Powders are great if you have a thinner brow and using a slanted brow brush can help you achieve a voluminous look and add a nice shape to your face.

Hot Tip* Try not to go too dark, keep powder as closely matched to your brow colour and always apply in small stages. Take a step back and assess as you go. You want them to look as naturally defined as possible, again less is always more.

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  2. For the perfect finish to your look, you can’t go past a good quality lipstick. Whether it’s a bold pop of colour you’re after or a softer lip stain you’ll be sure to amp up your look in minutes. Experiment with lipstick textures, matte is usually longer lasting and can be less messy for all day wear. If you are after a more glossed look, opt for a semi-gloss lipstick as this will give you a better balance for all day wear.

Hot Tip* Stay camera ready and opt for a long lasting smudge proof lipstick or lip-gloss to avoid having to reapply throughout the day.

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  2. A translucent setting powder with a matte finish will help you stay shine free throughout the day and carry you into the night effortlessly. Using a larger brush to apply powder to your face will ensure you get even coverage. If you are looking for a longer lasting solution you can try using a setting spray to finish which will help your makeup stay in place all day long.

Overall, you want to opt for makeup that is matte so consider this when choosing your primers and powders as you can always re-hydrate your skin with a shimmer based highlighter as suggested above. Extra tips* Avoid using highlighters in blemish prone areas as you don’t want to draw focus on these areas.BONUS TIPSTAKING A PHOTO of your face when you have completed your look. Taking different shots under various lighted areas such as natural and fluorescent lighting will help you get a better understanding of what others see. BLOTTING TISSUES are a perfect way to keep fresh all day long. Keep them handy in your bag and you will look oil free from day to night. You can also try using a setting spray to finish, this will help your makeup stay in place all day long.

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