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What To Wear To The Races

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September 9, 2022

GlamCorner's Spring Racing Fashion Guide 2023

As the Australian sun kisses the horizon, the spring racing season heralds more than just the thrilling hooves of thoroughbred champions. It's a canvas of couture, brimming with elegance, glamor, and style. Whether a seasoned racetrack regular or embarking on your debut turf appearance, GlamCorner is your compass to navigate the grandeur. Explore the Spring Racing Fashion Guide.

Romance Midi Dress

Different Types of Race Day Events

Your Style Guide to Each Racing Event

First, the race you are planning to attend will dictate your race day outfit – each has its own distinct fashion vibe. Keep reading for more tips on what to wear to the races.

Whichever race you’re attending, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the dress code that applies to most Australian racecourses.

Whichever race you’re attending, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the dress code that applies to most Australian racecourses

Race Day Fashion Commandments for 2023

Do Embrace:

Avoid These Pitfalls:

Choosing The Perfect Dress For The Races

Now that you know what’s expected on the day, it’s time to start choosing what to wear to the races. At GlamCorner, we’ve partnered with some outstanding Australian designers to bring you key spring racing fashion pieces that you’ll love to be seen in, with ranges to suit every demographic.


The epitome of luxury. With the La Flor Dress, LEO LIN masterfully blends ethereal designs with enchanting prints.

LEO LIN - La Flor Dress - Multi

Discover LEO LIN’s Collection.

Rebecca Vallance

Tailoring meets panache. The Tropicale Midi Dress is a statement, promising that every entrance you make is nothing short of a spectacle.


Rebecca Vallance's Showcase


Where Parisian elegance finds its Australian soul. The Ardor Belt Dress exemplifies this blend, crafting silhouettes that oscillate between the sensuous and the iconic.

PASDUCHAS - Ardor Belt Dress Midi In Lilac

Explore Pasduchas


Relaxed luxury defined. With the Corsage Pleat Mini Dress, each attire tells a story, ensuring a voyage of sophistication.

ZIMMERMANN- Corsage Pleat Mini Dress

Unveil ZIMMERMAN’s Creations


A narrative of raw elegance, the Introspect Mini Dress stands as a testament to AJE's prowess in juxtaposing casual allure with ready-for-the-gala brilliance.

AJE - Introspect Mini Dress


Fabulous Fascinators

Of course, the dress is only one part of your perfect race day look. Choosing a headpiece that works beautifully with your outfit is equally as important. These millinery designers offer something to complement every spring racing outfit.

Heather McDowall

Meghan Crown - White

Heather’s love of texture and shape has inspired her to create a chic range of fascinators, crowns, hats and clips that are ideal for a day at the races. She combines drama and timeless elegance, bringing contemporary cool with elements like lace, leather and metal.

Explore more Heather McDowall headwear here

Morgan and Taylor

Regardless of what you’re planning for your race day outfit, Morgan & Taylor have something to suit in their extensive range of fascinators, hats, headpieces, crowns, bows, clips and turbans. Their designs are easy to wear, practical yet cool, and effortlessly elegant

Monica Fascinator - Navy


Eve Til Dawn

Zoe Crown - Red

If you’re looking for something feminine, floral, or boho-chic, this headwear range is perfect for you. Eve Til Dawn specialises in floral crowns and exclusive pieces which are intricate, delicate, and a beautiful way to complement your race day outfit.

Explore more Eve Til Dawn headwear here

Amazing Accessories

You’re not finished yet! The difference between a good outfit and a great one is in the secret little details that help you look race-day-perfect all day long.

Visit our spring racing edit page for more inspiration for spring racing dresses, headpieces and accessories.

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