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Winter is Coming: Planning your winter event wardrobe

Winter is coming! But is your winter event wardrobe in need of an update? While the crisper air and the need for a cardi may signal the remnants of beach days gone by, it isn’t all dark and gloomy in the dress department. All it requires is a bit of forward-planning and getting use to layering!Planning your winter event wardrobe begins with choosing items of clothing which can be easily layered; selecting stylish pieces which can be assembled effortlessly together to keep you both warm and event-ready and not have you looking like an urban eskimo!Finding the perfect dress or outfit to fit the formal dress-code while avoiding pneumonia can be tricky; but we’ve got you covered. Have a look at Our Picks to help you with your search!When preparing outfits for winter events, styling begins from the inside-out. Think of a deliciously layered sponge cake, with the icing being a showcase piece such as a pair of stylish gloves, or chic trench coat.

Winter Event Wardrobe Essential: Undergarments.

Hosiery, black stockings, or patterned tights with a higher denier rating is the most convenient way to keep warm but still dress up despite what the elements are doing outside. Winter dressing generally focuses on more heavyweight pieces which require some softness to balance out. This is where hosiery can really make an outfit, as it adds just the right amount of sexiness to an outfit which would otherwise look too heavy or have you going bare-legged on a 15 degree day. To incorporate stockings or tights in your winter event wardrobe, think about the textures and colours of your staple outfit- be that a heavy knit dress with an oatmeal coat or this Allegra dress from Misha Collection, which would team well with a more transparent stocking.

Winter Event Wardrobe Essential: The winter dress

Winter is about leaving the lightweight pieces behind and opting for thicker, textured garments. Winter dressing doesn’t have to mean ‘bulky’ though. The key is to find a statement dress which can also be accentuated by other winter wardrobe essentials.Lace dresses like this Renaissance midi dress, peplum dresses or brocade dresses are extremely high-fashion yet still practical for cooler climates.Sleeved dresses are also making a comeback, having much prominence on the wedding aisle with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian opting for a long-sleeve wedding dress on her wedding day. Many fashionable pieces sporting cap, mid, or full-length sleeves which add a playful element to formal dressing.

Winter Event Wardrobe Essential: The statement winter coat

Coats don’t have to be casual. Teaming your dress with a glamourous faux fur coat or classy trench can add a certain old-school luxe to your ensemble. The gorgeous Jasmine or Aleen jacket can add decadence to your outfit and pair perfectly with a long gown. For a more classic, tailored look you can’t go wrong with a Balmain blazer.Formal winter dressing is all about decadence. Rich colours, textures and layers will have you looking fabulous while keeping the cold out!

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