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Baby Shower Designer Dress Hire in Perth – Customer Story

Our beautiful customer Claire chose to wear the ‘Antoinette Sleeveless Dress’ by Elliatt to her baby shower in Perth. Perfect for celebrating the coming of her little baby boy, this style features sky blue lace, and a fit-and-flare design with an off-shoulder neckline and tiered skirt. Read more about Claire’s baby shower below!

Tell us about the occasion and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?
Over the weekend, I celebrated my Baby Shower with close friends and family. It was the most perfect day and I feel very blessed. It was such a joyous event and I will never forget it and have so many beautiful pictures to look back on. The reason why I chose to wear a designer dress is because I am quite a glam girl but I also just loved the look of the dress when I fist saw it and that it was blue of course (as I’m having a boy) and because it was so feminine, classy and elegant. I felt so beautiful in it. I also think though, it doesn’t matter the cost of the dress or where it’s from, but how you wear it that makes it so beautiful, such as the accessories, hair and makeup which I think is the most fun bit about getting ready for an event! Also, I could probably never afford to buy a designer dress so why not hire one for a fraction of the cost?

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you? Well, I have rented from GlamCorner before and have had such an amazing experience. Also, I love the fact that no one would wear the same thing as me (as I like to be different and it is just the worst thing in the world when someone else is wearing the same thing as you). Also, I go to so many events with the same people and take pictures and post them on social media so I rarely get to wear the same thing twice. So, instead of buying something I thought I’ll just hire it and that way its cheaper too. This dress is something I also wouldn’t wear normally as it is much more flowy, as I am pregnant at the moment, (and yes I know, even though I don’t look it) but I loved it that much I may even start branching out of my comfort zone of the more fitted dresses. I literally felt like a princess (my husband did say I looked like Cinderella).

What made you choose this dress and Designer?
It’s so funny because as I kept scrolling down the array of many beautiful dresses, I kept not only getting drawn to the off the shoulder look, as it is so elegant, but I also kept being drawn to the same designer, Elliatt, as I loved their style and that all of their pieces were so different, classy and elegant, which is everything I love.

Have you ever purchased from this designer before?
No, I haven’t. I hadn’t heard of them before this and will most definitely be keeping them in mind for my next occasion as they are all so stunning!

Was this your first time renting a dress? If so, what made you consider it?
I have ordered off GlamCorner previously so I knew they were reliable and had incredible customer service and the dresses always arrived so nicely packaged in a big beautiful box and so prompt, so I knew I didn’t have to worry. They were also reasonably priced and looked immaculate (like brand new) and there were no hidden costs. Even when returning my dress they had an express post bag in the box ready to go so all you had to do was hand it in at the post office on your return date. They even sent me an email and text message to remind me to post back the dress the day it was due, which is very handy if you have a lot of things to do or are very forgetful or just have baby brain like me. So, of course I will most definitely be telling everyone about GlamCorner!

How did you come across GlamCorner?
I remember their was a designer dress I fell in love with last year in a store that I just needed to have for a wedding I was going to and I just had to have it but didn’t want to pay the price tag for it, as I have so many more important things I need to pay for and just can’t justify spending that on a dress I’m going to wear once. So, I jumped online and started frantically searching the designer and second hand dresses and what do you know, GlamCorner came up as and it was a fraction of the cost and had my size! Winning! Needless to say, at the wedding I received so many compliments and my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me.

Did you enjoy your overall experience from beginning to end with GlamCorner? Would you recommend us to other women? Yes,I certainly did! At first, I was a little weary, as the company is based in Sydney and I’m located in Perth, but now I will never question it again and will feel safe knowing that my order will arrive on time. You even receive and email to tell you when it has left, when it has arrived and also a tracking number just to put your mind at rest. You also have the option to have a back up dress and to try it on beforehand if you are unsure of sizing or how it will look, which is so incredible as a lot of women don’t purchase online for that reason. I will most definitely be recommending to all my family and friends as I always get people asking where my clothes are from and they can’t believe it when I tell them the cost. Especially, with how big my family is. We almost have an event every weekend! Thank you GlamCorner! You truly are a life saver. xxxxx

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Claire! It certainly looked like you had a wonderful day with your closest friends and family and the dress looked incredible on you!

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