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Customer Country Wedding Guest Designer Dress Hire in Melbourne VIC

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October 14, 2019

Our gorgeous customer Chelsea chose to wear the Floraison Midi Dress by Talulah to her brother's wedding in Melbourne, VIC, by the countryside! Featuring an asymmetrical hem in a floral print, this stunning midi number is perfect for the ladies who enjoy a cute and flouncy dress! Read more about her customer and hiring experience below.


Tell us about the occasion you attended.

It was at the beautiful Willow & Ivy in Mildura, which has a nice garden country vibe. It was the perfect autumn day for my brother's wedding which was super exciting. The sunset was to die for!

Why did you decide on this style for the occasion?

I rented this Talulah dress because it was the perfect length for the event. The colours were bright and vibrant which was perfect for the occasion. I don’t usually wear off-the-shoulder styles or this much colour but it blended well for the evening.


Why rent over buy?

I choose to rent over buy because it’s more affordable and any dress I’m going to wear for a formal occasion, I will most likely wear once. It makes sense to hire a different dress at an affordable price rather than wasting money on one-offs.

Why GlamCorner?

I choose GlamCorner because of the variety of dresses they have are amazing. GlamCorner also has all the sizes and recommendations.

Did you enjoy your overall customer experience with GlamCorner? What part of the process was most memorable?

It was a wonderful experience! From picking the dress to getting it to the front door, it was smooth and quick. The most memorable was picking up my dresses and trying them on!


Would you recommend us to your friends and family? If so, what would you tell them?

Most definitely! In fact, I already have! To everyone who asks where I got the dress from or to anyone who is looking for a dress, I let them know to head over to GlamCorner and that they won’t regret it!

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