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Q&A with our GlamCorner Premium Member

Angela GlamCorner Premium member

We had a quick catch up with one of our GlamCorner Premium Members, Angela Shallis; a presenter, producer, property observer and an avid cat lover (see below for cute pic)! Read on for Angela's current obsessions, daily routine tips, and how to plan a virtual girls' night in!

1. What are you currently obsessing over right now?


I’m obsessing over the fashion style of Hailey Bieber and the interior style of Anthena Caldrone.

I'm also really living for my daily Pamela Reif HIIT workouts. I started them last year to save money on the gym and I’m totally hooked! They energize my day and keep me moving plus I can see the hard work is actually paying off.

Podcasts: The Alchemized life (inspirational girl power but also spiritual) Blonde Files (wellness and beauty mix).

Watch: Architectural Digest on Youtube.

2. How would you describe your style right now?


I am loving tracksuits and comfy loungewear for the weekends and evenings - but as a rule, I am way more productive if I dress like I’m actually leaving the house!

I even put on light makeup as it makes me feel better (plus for the 20 mins it takes I have an excuse to watch some YouTube at the same time!) I’m also on conference calls for work, so just in case they decide to do a video call I’m ready and looking professional.

3. Girls' night in! Tell us how you would plan one?

I'm really missing my Rosé catch-ups with the girls so I'd get them to all come together on Houseparty App or WhatsApp with a glass of vino.

Most of us have purchased gear to create a home nail salon so we all attempt to do our own nails at the same time!

4. Could you share some of your self-care tips with our community?

I have always valued self-care. I think it’s important to stay connected to what nourishes your soul and makes you feel good.

For me, I need a balance of intense activity and then some alone time in stillness. I’ll put on a face mask and take a steaming Epson Salt/ magnesium bath. It’s super relaxing!

Most of us feel better when we are connecting with others so FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls are fabulous for that.

I can also highly recommend singing or dancing. Currently, my routine is playing old school Whitney classics really loud and singing my lungs out as I clean the house… feels amazing!

5. Any last tips on things that are helping you make the most out of your day?

Wearing Persian Chic Top by Stevie May

Routine is everything. I make sure I factor in daily exercise and limit my time watching the news and being on social media. I also set little goals. I feel really good about my day when I’ve achieved things so the more I can squeeze into my day the better. I don’t physically write a to-do list but it’s in my head.

If I don’t have work that day, it may mean organising and cleaning the house, etc. Sitting around for too long isn’t good so exercise is more important than ever. I also exercise my brain with a learning app called Elevate - it keeps me on my toes.

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