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Rent a wedding ceremony dress – Customer Story

wedding ceremony dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress has been made monumentally easier and cheaper with GlamCorners selection of 1,500+ designer dresses to choose from, for a fraction of the retail price. Our lovely customer Lou chose our gorgeous Grace & Blaze ‘All That Shines’ dress in blush for her wedding ceremony, an intimate occasion shared with her closet friends and family. Read her story below and be inspired to rent your own wedding ceremony dress:

Tell us about the special occasion you had and why you wanted to wear a designer dress for it?

My partner and I were married in Spain in January. It was a beautiful ceremony but not legal so we needed to have a second ceremony in Australia. I really wanted something beautiful and glamorous but different from the first dress.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

Renting is a great idea for any occasion. But certainly when you want to wear a designer dress to a special event and keep it special by only wearing it once, it makes much more sense to rent than to buy. It also means you get to wear quality with a beautiful cut that you can’t buy for the same price.

wedding ceremony dress

Tell us about the dress and the designer label you chose, and why you chose it?

I chose the Grace and Blaze ‘All That Shines’ dress in blush. They have wonderful designs that really compliment a girl with hips. The detail on the dress was stunning, the quality was perfect and it was comfortable.

Have you rented a dress before or was this your first time?

This was my first time renting a dress. I have a friend who had rented before and she always looks stunning and on trend. She spoke so highly of GlamCorner I knew I had to try it! I wish I’d found it years ago… All those beautiful dresses just sitting in my wardrobe that I know I won’t wear again.

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wedding ceremony dress

Tell us about how you first discovered GlamCorner?

I had heard about GlamCorner through a friend but it also kept popping up on Facebook. I really like that you can read reviews from other renters and see the dresses on real figures. I also love that they give you lots of information about the fit. It enabled me to get the right fit, first time without even trying it on. That said I think the try on policy and backup dress for ‘just in case’ are fantastic.

How was you overall experience with GC (online and offline) and would you recommend us to other women?

My experience with GC was excellent. The website is easy to use. The dress looked identical on arrival. It was beautifully wrapped and ready to go. They include the postage so that your return is as easy as your order and they send reminders so you won’t forget. I can’t fault them!

wedding ceremony dress

Congratulations Lou, you looked stunning! We’re so happy GC was able to be part of this special moment with you. We can’t wait to dress you again soon xx


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