Designers To Look Out For At Fashion Week

Regardless of your opinion on the vehicles that Mercedes-Benz is renowned for, the Sydney edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is internationally recognised. An absolute must-attend event for anyone with an inspiration or passion for fashion. For these few illustrious days, Sydney will become the hot spot for celebrities. Highly regarded fashion designers, esteemed retailers, and the fashionable elite all step out to attend this annual event. The week is Australia’s leading fashion event of the year, showcasing the upcoming spring and summer collections by our top local designers.

Every day, there will be numerous runway shows and fashion extravaganzas as Australia’s best and boldest strut their ranges to an awestruck audience! These include designers and brands such as Alice McCall, Sass & Bide, Bec & Bridge, We Are Kindred, C/MEO Collective, and Romance Was Born.

There are a number of designers to look out for, but we’re looking forward to a specific handful.

Alice McCall puts a focus on intricate details. The imaginative use of space, colour and fabric techniques such as delicate hand embroidery and custom, in-house designed lace are McCall’s signature. At a mere glance, Alice McCall’s designs stand out from the crowd and remain femininely chic and boho-unique, season after season.

Alice McCall Fashion Week

Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Last year’s fashion week designs featured pastels, frills, much lace and splashes of bold undertones. Playsuits were in abundance, with a few jumpsuits and plenty of mini dresses. Colour-ways included pastels, whites, blacks, and bold reds and outfits were styled with extravagant accessories ranging from chokers, to earrings that aligned with nose rings.

This year, we can expect to see feminine lace and delicate colours. With pastels making a comeback this year, there will be no doubt that they’ll be worked into Alice McCall’s fashion week collection. Not to mention, more mini party dresses dressed up with statement heels, and glitter-clad clutches!

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We Are Kindred Fashion Week

Image Source: The Impression

We Are Kindred is a brand established by two sisters – best friends and kindreds – with a single vision in 2013. The Australian label celebrates itself as a symbol of harmony and symbiosis with a focus on easy-to-wear fabrics, modern silhouettes, unique embellishments and exclusive prints. The result? Its fashion-forward consumers can transition effectively between day and night looks as needed.

We Are Kindred featured a variety of styles on the fashion week runway last year. From floor-length maxi dresses to intricate embroidery on jumpsuits, asymmetrical cuts and finishings to bold floral prints, these made a statement down the catwalk.

This year, we can expect to see more bold and innovative designs from We Are Kindred at fashion week. More playsuits and maxi dresses with imaginative floral prints, tassels and feminine colours ranging from whites to nude palettes. With the label placing emphasis on transitioning effortlessly from day to night, few of their designs will be terribly overstated. Instead, we foresee all looks at fashion week being undoubtedly breathtaking.

Romance Was Born 'Magic Mushroom' Fashion Week

Image Source: The Urban Silhouette

Romance Was Born features the unique storytelling vision and design prowess of Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, who met while completing their degree in fashion design. Since establishing their label in 2005, they have collaborated with brands such as Disney, Marvel, and even the Sydney Theatre Company. The label’s signature features an array of chimerical wonderment in the movement of their unique dresses.

Fashion Week 2016 featured a broad range of bold and extravagant designs. From piano-key, knee-length dresses to a floor-length lace gowns, their showcase was uninhibited and colourful. Wild prints with florals, martini glasses and musical notes set the scene for the show, making it theatrical in its flare and deeply tasteful in its execution

This year, we can undoubtedly expect to see as many daring and extravagant designs as last year. But perhaps, with softer and more neutral palettes as minimalist undertones are currently trending.

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Lo Sordo Fashion Week

Image Source:

Michael Lo Sordo is a label dedicated to creating classic yet statement pieces that can be carried forward season to season. Michael Lo Sordo designs have graced the pages of, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and more. Well loved and worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Elle Macpherson, and Nicole Warne, the label defines itself as being romantic, minimalist, and sophisticated. It shows in every design sent down the runway.

Last season, Michael Lo Sordo’s dresses were sleek and sharp, with plunging necklines and floor-length hemlines of tumbling silk and satin. Monotone with little to no intricacy along with free-flowing, asymmetrical-cut hemlines and sleeves make for unique styles on the runway.

This year, we can expect perhaps, to see less bold colours from Michael Lo Sordo’s collection. With the trend shifting towards more minimalist designs, it’s Lo Sordo’s element in many ways. Delicate tulle and lace will likely feature heavily in his pieces, glammed up with accessories and statement heels for a flare of added effect. Dresses like Michael Lo Sordo’s are just waiting for the right dash of accessorising to truly bring them to life!

Are you excited for fashion week? We so are! Stay tuned for more exciting news and posts!


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