Early Access: Introducing the Femme Rhapsody collection by LEO & LIN

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October 15, 2020

We recently partnered with Australian label LEO & LIN to give our GlamCorner community Early Access to rent the new Femme Rhapsody collection. A collection that was conceived when the world was in lockdown and Creative Director, Leo Lin was poring through his art books for inspiration – particularly one on Odilon Redon, a 19th-century symbolist French painter.

“His incredible transition from dark, grotesque nightmarish charcoal painting to this colourful, bright and pastel floral world fascinates me,” Lin says, pointing to parallels within the vibrancy of Australian nature – from the trees and the mud, to the beautiful flowers, sunlight and ocean scenery.

Model in Leo & Lin's Euphoria Silk Linen Bralette and Skirt Set

Here, the Designer and Creative Director, Leo Lin invites GlamCorner in for a behind-the-scenes look at how the collection came to be. And Celebrity Stylist, Donny Galella shows us how to style the pieces for all your upcoming Spring events.

An ode to strong femininity, the Femme Rhapsody collection features bold prints and vibrant colours, which are perfect for making a statement this season. And, as Donny points out, their impeccable construction makes each garment effortlessly flattering as well. “I love the cover mix of florals with vertical lines,” he explains of his favourite piece, the Blossom Cotton Linen Mini Dress. “The vertical lines cleverly elongate your torso, making you look taller and slimmer.”

Describing LEO & LIN as “a refreshing Australian brand [which] never fails to produce stunning custom prints and unique silhouettes for strongly spirited women,” Donny says that the brand is an effortless choice for this Spring season.

Explore LEO & LIN’s Femme Rhapsody collection with Creative Director, Leo Lin below.


How did Leo & Lin first begin?

LEO & LIN began by sheer chance. I graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce degree and wanted to make a footprint in the world, so I started to look for opportunities. While searching, I found myself leaning towards a more creative industry and laid my eyes on fashion – it is such an intimate yet powerful industry that can express one’s greatest ideas through garment creations.

After some initial thoughts, I went straight into it. To be honest I appreciate the fact that I have never been [formally] trained because I gained extra freedom and ideas on the creations. Combining my business point of views, I built LEO & LIN from the ground up into a brand that is capable of handling everything from sketches to sampling and even production in house.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the Femme Rhapsody collection?

This collection is inspired by the Australian nature and strong-spirited women. The woman who is not afraid of expressing herself, who values and understands her fair share of keeping the world running. At LEO & LIN, we believe every woman is and can be this person, and we call it the New Era Female. Resort 2021 is a celebration of such women and their many diversities. We are the New Era.

How does this carry through into the designs?

In this collection, five main pastel colourways have been used and, as usual, exclusively designed in-house prints (inspired by Redon’s works) feature on the garments. Each one tells a different yet fascinating story, expressing the idea of coming through darkness into the light – a nod to the strength and vitality of the Australian nation. The silhouettes incorporate more relaxed waistlines, to suit the [laidback] Australian style. Natural fabrics like silk, linen and cotton are used throughout the collection, for maximum comfort and in support of sustainable fashion.

Why is this perfectly timed for the Spring 2020 season?

Every year, Spring Racing proves such a fun time for Australian fashion. [But] this year, it is so much more than that! It shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For a lot of women, this will be their first event in a while and, through this collaboration, we really hope to make it special for all GlamCorner customers.

Celebrity Stylist Donny Galella and Leo Lin smiling together

What was it like to work with Donny?

Donny is such a wonderful and respected stylist who works with some incredible women. A collaboration like this with GlamCorner for Spring Racing Season was unreal and fun. It is such a great opportunity to see like-minded people working together for this year’s racing and festive season.

Who is the LEO & LIN girl?

I am so inspired by women and their ability to be strong yet celebrate their femininity. So naturally, the LEO & LIN girl is strong spirited and unafraid of who she is.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

I want all women who wear LEO & LIN to be able to express themselves freely and fearlessly – they are the protagonist of their strength. At LEO & LIN, we are on a mission to create impeccable styles for these women – the New Era Female.

Donny Galella, model and Leo Lin posing

What is the best piece of advice you have heard?

“Live free, live lively.” This is probably the true motto I have abided by for a long time now. The world itself sometimes can be gruesome, affecting many in the most unexpected ways. To be able to stay true to yourself is to live freely without caring about all of the prejudgement and the voices that bring you down. Be fearless and strong – that is the message I want to express through LEO & LIN.

What has it been like working with GlamCorner?

I think GlamCorner is one of the most incredible and innovative Australian companies. It provides the opportunity for women to be more playful with style, without breaking the bank. I also believe we share the same values and vision to celebrate females – their incredible strength, kindness and endurance. To be able to work with GlamCorner is such an amazing opportunity for us, as a young brand, and I really admire the work that GC does in lessening fast fashion impacts – both economically and environmentally.

What are the next steps for LEO & LIN?

Being an Australian brand, we take pride in focusing on the business here locally, supporting and helping our own Aussie community during this unprecedented time. The next step for us locally would be opening our own flagship store in Sydney, while working closely with other fantastic companies in the Australian industry.

Internationally, we have just launched our global website. I feel as though we are really hitting our stride and the hard work is all paying off. We definitely aspire to attend major international fashion weeks, dress some incredible names, and gain top tier international accounts in the coming years. I believe an amazing future awaits us, bringing Australian fashion to a global stage.

The Femme Rhapsody Collection

Rent the Femme Rhapsody collection by LEO & LIN

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