Q&A with Co-Founder of Evolve Yourself Institute, Kerrie Otto de Grancy


We've caught up with Co-Founder of Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI), Kerrie Otto de Grancy, a former elite athlete, multiple Australian record holder, motivational speaker, a respected fashionista and mother of two children. With a diverse business background, exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse, the devastation of divorce and loss, Kerrie knows what it takes to go from losing to winning on a global scale.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Raised in community housing, in a small country town by a single mum, I saw how tough it was for my mum financially and emotionally. We lived week to week, this said I never went without anything. Seeing my mum struggle, feel so limited and sad, fed a fire in my belly, a fearlessness that has taken me to great heights. I left home to backpack around the world at 19 and never looked back. I landed in Sydney a week after my 21st birthday, with $50 to my name, no family or friends for over 1300km's, I moved into the Avalon Beach Hostel. I had clear intentions to make my dreams happen in the big smoke.

‘I love life, all its offerings...the messiness, challenges, adversities, joys, love, creativity, adventure and opportunities. I believe in dreaming big, getting out of your comfort zone and backing yourself. Recognition of the life, patterns and choices we make is empowering, it opens up awareness that you are choosing and you have the ability to choose again. This drives me to share the knowledge and tools through EYI that have helped me experience peace, trust, joy and record achievements, regardless of what life throws my way.’


Could you tell us what inspired you to start the Evolve Yourself Institute journey?

Marie and I met in 2014, our united love of life, exploration, people and passion for seeing others thrive was the stepping stone to creating EYI. We were inspired at the possibilities that can come from the gift of knowing oneself, of living a joyful and fulfilled life experience no matter what has happened to you or what is going on. We both know the availability of living with and without suffering, the power of choosing the latter, and we desire for you to know that too.

We believe there is no greater knowledge than the one to know yourself.

EYI specialises in delivering an education of the self, System of Self®, bringing together neuroscience, positive psychology, movement, mindfulness, science, meditation, yoga, environment and experience to create powerful results in personal, social and business lives.

Our core values of love, learn, fun, connect, create and simplicity shape our programs, from accredited Professional Development programs for hospitals, nurses, midwives, schools and teachers, to leadership programs, corporate groups, private clients and culture change packages for organisations.

We've heard a lot about the word 'mindfulness'. What exactly is 'mindfulness'?


Mindfulness is attention to the action without judgement, your attention to the experience with all senses. ‘Being’ in the moment and opening your mind to what is in front of you, regardless of what it is. Being mindful is magical, it supports a greater experience of life. Meditation and breath are great tools to bring mindfulness into action.

Start with setting time aside for you.

Schedule it, make it a daily non-negotiable. Use this time to practice self-care, take a bath, meditate, exercise, reflect, read, paint, create, get amongst nature, do gentle stretching – tune in to your body and how it feels. Creating space to slow down and do things that bring you joy, and knowing this is a routine part of your day will support the times you’re feeling challenged.


Meditation and controlled breathing can energise your mind and body, promoting better sleep, lowering blood pressure, increasing oxygen in your blood and bringing clarity and mindfulness. It can help to improve your mood and aid your immune system. Link to our free guided meditations HERE

Practice Breathing.

As simple as 3 slow deep belly breaths through your nose and out your mouth has the power to bring you to the here and now, to calm the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which activates during times of anxiety and stress. Try these 3 easy steps: 1. Five counts inhale to expand your belly 2. Seven count exhale, draw your belly to your spine 3. Repeat the cycle 3-5 times. Ready for more try our 8 count HERE

Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

You may know it…do you live it? When feeling challenged find 2 or more things you are grateful for that are a direct experience or result from the current situation. Practising gratitude changes the neural structure in the brain making us feel happier and more content- cool huh!

Develop your self-awareness.

Learn the art of self-awareness and self-care. Awareness Changes Everything®.

Discover Reflection

The human condition has many patterns. Discover and do more of the ones that serve and let go of the ones that don’t.


Your body/mind holds on to the happenings of your life. Movement moves the body's blocks of cellular memory. Move, let go, release and regenerate.

What is something you’ve ingrained into your daily routine?

I start every day with non-negotiable self-care time filled with the good stuff...meditation & or breath practice, exercise, getting outside in nature, reflection, learning something new and a gratitude practice.

Want more of Evolve Yourself Institute?


A couple of times a year we run a global program called Supporting YOU, a very cool 30-day exploration into self-awareness. With the current daily changes and growing amount of fear, now more than ever, it is important we stay connected, calm and self-aware. We would love to offer the Glam Corner Tribe 10% off to join the team as we provide you with some tools to help cope and grow during this extraordinary time. We will meditate, breathe, self-reflect, laugh and learn! Starting June 13.

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