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Flattering Fashion Styling Tips For Curvy Women

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January 28, 2020

Model wearing size 16, styled by Donny Galella

We get so many questions from our customers about the most flattering way to dress a curvy women figure. Some ladies want to accentuate their lovely hourglass silhouette and others want to draw attention away from their breasts or tummy.

Recently, we invited celebrity stylist Donny Galella to GlamCorner HQ to share his favourite ways to dress a curvy women figure. Here are some of his top tips, along with a few of our own!

Top Tips on Dressing the Curvy Women Figure

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1. Well-Placed Ruching

If you’re looking to hide your tummy, try a dress with ruching around the middle. The extra texture smooths you out and camouflages any areas that you don’t want people to focus on. Depending on where it’s placed, ruching can also direct the eye to areas you’d like to accentuate.

2. Decorative Ties

A long decorative tie that will flow down over your mid-section is another great option to hide your problem spots. Whilst doing so, it creates a slimming vertical detail.

3. Beautiful Belts

Belting your dress will accentuate your waist and add shape, creating that lovely hourglass look. The secret is not to belt too tightly, and to place your belt around the area that your waist is the smallest.

Donny Galella styling model wearing Elliatt - Harper Blazer and Pant Set - Tangerine

4. Floral Prints

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to avoid florals if you have a curvy figure. Floral prints are great because they are busy. Choose a floral pattern that is the right size and density – a medium print with about 50% coverage will draw the eye around the dress rather than looking like a flat sea of flowers.

5. Off-The-Shoulder Necklines

Draw attention up and away from your bust by wearing an off-the-shoulder style that accentuates your décolletage and elongates your neck. Off-the-shoulder styles also give you the perfect opportunity to rock a statement necklace. Broad-shouldered ladies: bear in mind that this style will make your shoulders look wider.

Model wearing Pasduchas Willow Midi Dress

6. Flattering V-Necklines

Another smart option for a large bust is the V-neck, which breaks up the visual expanse of your bust and draws the eye to the centre. The V-shape also helps to elongate your body.

7. Versatile Wrap Dresses

Not only are wrap dresses totally on-trend right now, but they’re a fantastic option for a curvy figure because you can adjust the wrap for a perfect fit. They usually feature a v-neck, which is slimming, and the edge of the wrap also adds vertical detail to add visual length.

8. Comfortable Stretch Fabrics

Thick, stretchy fabrics are fantastic because they are super comfortable, they pull you in, and they accentuate your waist. The secret to wearing stretch is to ensure you don’t go too tight. If you can see the outlines of your undergarments or the dress is creating extra bumps and rolls, try a size up.

Model wearing Montique - Elle Sequin Mink Gown

9. Striking Stripes

When you wear them the right way, stripes are a fabulous tool for drawing the eye towards (or away from) certain areas of your body. Vertical stripes will make you look taller and thinner. While diagonal stripes that meet in the centre will accentuate your waist and enhance an hourglass figure. Bold stripes around the hem of your dress will draw the eye down and away from your stomach, bottom, and towards a slim ankle.

10. The Right Sleeve

If you’re conscious about your arms, then choosing the right sleeve is super important. Bell sleeves are amazing because they fall softly around your arm and disguise any bits that you don’t like. The trick is to choose a sleeve that doesn’t finish at the widest point of your arm. Sleeves with slashes or asymmetrical hemlines (such as Kimono sleeves) can help make your arm look slimmer.

Donny Galella styling model wearing Elliatt Bliss Dress

11. A Higher Waistline

There are times when you’d prefer not to accentuate your waist, or it may be that the smallest part of your torso is above your stomach. An empire waistline will be your new best friend as it sits higher on the body (below the bust). This has the effect of drawing the eye upward, while the skirt flows over your stomach and hips. It’s a particularly good choice if you’re short because it makes your legs seem longer.

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