THE NEW CLASSICS: Wardrobe Staples that look great on any Body Type

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June 7, 2019

While we’re always in favour of a super stylish trend here at GlamCorner, our admiration for great wardrobe staples that stems deep beyond the realms of ready-to-wear fashion.

It goes without saying that when you’re in a struggle spot eagerly searching for the perfect outfit, ‘The Staple’ can quickly become your best friend. Don’t get me wrong at times nothing fuels a fashion purge better than an outrageously decadent oversized sleeve or even a ravishingly ruffled hemline, but it’s the basics that keep us looking our best even after the passing of many years.

Image source: vickiarcher.comLike they say ‘trends come and go but the classics are eternal’. When looking for staple it’s always important to select items that can be easily adapted and changed from look to look. It’s also important to ensure that the quality of these items are of a strong and durable nature.

Invest in quality

Sometimes investing that little bit more at the beginning can truly pay off when it comes to longevity. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have bought a slightly more affordable piece of clothing only later to realise the quality just was not there long term! As you can imagine even after one wash the item progresses to look like it has been mauled by a small bear. I guess what they say is true, you get what you pay for.True a trend-based seasonal fashion piece can make us feel slightly more relevant in the thriving fashion sphere, but it doesn’t always offer a one-fits-all solution. What works particularly well on a genetically blessed 6-foot tall model might not necessarily work well for the average fashionista’s body type leaving us disappointed and in a ‘Netflix and binge’ state of mind.

Top wardrobe staples for any body shape

That’s where we come in ready to help cure your fashion doubts. In this post we aim to show you that sometimes it’s ok to play it safe and go for the failproof ‘basic’ fashion option. So without further-ado let us take it back-to-basics! Here are our top wardrobe staples that's guaranteed to suit any body shape.

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Little Black Dress

From its humble beginnings back in the 1920’s to now, the term ‘little black dress’ (as introduced by Coco Chanel) has flourished and thrived to become the ultimate fashion staple of our time. Whatever your age, profession or overall style there is bound to be a savvy LBD look for you.The Little Black Dress has stood the test of time and rightfully cemented itself as the go-to look for fashion lovers across the globe. Perfect for any occasion day-to-night, great for most skin tones and an excellent way of pulling off ‘the glam factor’ effortlessly the little black dress guarantees a knockout look time-in and time-out.

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The Wrap Dress

One of the most versatile dresses you can have in your fashion repertoire, the wrap dress is surely one of the most universally flattering dress you will ever own! Dress it up or down both night and day for a truly relaxed feminine vibe!A wrap dress is a great option for a romantic summertime wedding function or a casual breakfast bunch with the girls. There are endless options to choose from when picking a wrap dress and you can experiment with vibrant colours, bold polka-dot prints or even sophisticated lust worthy silk textures. Give it a go at your next fabulous function and trust us you won’t be disappointed!

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Simple Black Blazer

Evoke a confident attitude instantaneously with a simple black blazer this season. A well-tailored black blazer can elevate your style from bleak to chic in a matter of moments. The blazer being incredibly versatile in nature can be styled multiple ways. For a casual look team your blazer with a white cotton T-Shirt, jeans and a pair of crisp white sneakers.If you’re looking for an elegantly refined style, try adding your tailor-fit black blazer to a slim fit black midi dress to create a slightly more elegant suit style set. Opt for a simple daytime look with folded lapels and deep pockets or, for a slightly more elaborate evening wear look, try an embellished blazer style.

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The Floral Midi

Ahhh your summer staple, the floral midi is the perfect way to add some effortless femininity to your style. Some may argue that the floral print is more trend than staple, but year after year we see the floral emerge as a front running spring/summer staple. We’ve come a long way from the humble fit and flare skirt of the rock-n-rock era, the free-flowing maxi dresses of the 70’s and pastel-hued florals of the 90’s.Nowadays, it appears that florals have taken a slightly soft and sweeter approach whilst still holding onto a hint of edginess. Today we see the floral print styled with sheer mesh panels and intricate lace detailing, thus creating a soft juxtaposition style.

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The Classic Jean

An exceptionally dynamic staple piece, denim is a great look for most occasions. It’s safe to say jeans will never go out of style. Whether it’s dark or light wash, slim or loose fitting you’ll definitely find the perfect style for every occasion. Jeans have become an age-old favourite seamlessly evolving through time.Nowadays jeans have become more accommodating to different body types with many multi stretch blend fabrics taking the market by storm. So when you’re in that ‘I have nothing to wear’ mood style-up (or down) with a pair of sassy jeans, perfect for an upcoming casual work event or relaxed dinner date.


Always ask yourself …

  1. Can you think of at least 3 ways to style this item?
  2. Does it fit in with your personal style?
  3. Do you already have something similar?
  4. Does it fit you properly? Is it flattering?
  5. Is the material type practical. Does it wash and wear well?
  6. Will you be able to wear it during all seasons?
  7. Is the item high quality? Is it well made?
  8. Does the colour tone suit your skin type?
  9. Is the brand sustainable? Are items produced ethically?
  10. Does the item make you feel comfortably confident?

For more helpful style tips read our 10 Great Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe blog post. Need more help? Click here to schedule a styling session.


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