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Hire a dress for your School Formal – Customer Story

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December 9, 2016

Our beautiful Sydney based customer Chelsea recently graduated Year 12 and wanted to wear something timeless, elegant and designer to her Year 12 School Formal without breaking the bank! Chelsea fell in love with GlamCorner upon discovering our wide range of designer dresses available to hire for a fraction of the retail price, and chose to rent our Norma Kamali ‘Off Shoulder Fishtail Dress’ . Read more about about her rental experience below:

school formal

Tell us about the special occasion you had and why you wanted to wear a designer dress for it?

For my year 12 school formal I was extremely interested in wearing a designer dress as the look I was going for was all about ‘class’. It is often the case (in my area) that girls stick to a certain image, with their formal dresses being low backed with leg slits etc. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, so I thought that wearing something designer label would give me the opportunity to do something a bit different, while still keeping it young, modern and appropriate for the occasion.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

Renting a dress was appealing for me as I personally, would never have the opportunity to wear my school formal dress again. I understand that this may be different for others, but I have never worn my year 10 formal dress again and neither have any of my friends. At our young age, we don’t have many events to go to where we can get as ‘dressed up’ as we do for our school formal. In saying this, I saw no point in paying $300-$700 (yes this sounds extreme, but girls were paying this much) for a dress that I would only wear once. All up, the hire of my dress cost me $120 – including a trial, meaning that renting a dress was a great option for me as I actually saved money, considering the dresses that I was looking at purchasing were over $300.

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school formal

Tell us about the dress and the designer label you chose, and why you chose it?

I chose the Norma Kamali ‘off shoulder fishtail dress’. I loved this dress and decided to rent it because it suited the look that I was going for and I considered it to be timeless. I don’t think a black dress like this can ever really go out of fashion – which suited me because I look back at the dress I wore in year 10 (which was only two years ago) and think about how out of fashion and ‘not cool’ my dress was, compared to what girls in year 10 are wearing to their formals now. I’m a huge fan of the Kardashian’s and I know that they often wear Norma Kamali, so I felt really stylish wearing her label.

Have you rented a dress before or was this your first time?

This was my first time renting a dress. I had considered doing so for a long time as it is a much cheaper and logical option for me. Despite this, I didn’t know what to expect when renting a formal dress as I was unsure as to whether it would be super unorganised, if the dresses would be tattered or stained, I didn’t know if I would find something to perfectly fit me – considering I wouldn’t be able to get the dress altered etc. I ended up pursuing this option after reading the reviews of GlamCorner and feeling confident in renting a dress as the company seemed (and proved to be) extremely professional.

school formal

Tell us about how you first discovered GlamCorner?

I was googling dress rental companies and came across GlamCorner. GlamCorner appealed to me as they had an extensive variety of dresses which I liked. Other companies had nice outfits but nothing really stood out to me. GlamCorner was affordable and the reviews of the service were reassuring. I had looked at the GlamCorner Instagram page and saw how lovely the dresses looked on other clients and how well the dresses were kept, making me happy to rent from GlamCorner for my occasion.

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How was you overall experience with GC (online and offline) and would you recommend us to other women?

GlamCorner was so professional. I thought that I would be stressed and worried about my dress arriving on time for my event, but after my experience with the trial, there was no need to worry. Booking the dress online was super easy and everything ran according to schedule. The dress was kept extremely well with no pulls in the material or any signs of dirt, fluff etc. I would highly recommend GlamCorner to other women as it is so reliable, convenient, affordable and practical. I was so happy with my overall experience!

school formal

Thanks Chelsea! We’re so happy we were able to make the perfect designer gown hire possible for Year 12 School Formal. You looked incredible! We look forward to seeing you again soon xoxo


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