How to Pack Smart For Your Next Holiday

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How to pack smart?

Packing in itself can be an art form!

With every trip we take, we get a little smarter about the way we pack while still managing to keep it stylish. It’s easy to over-pack, taking much more than we really need on a trip away. Often, it isn’t until we make it back home that we realise just how much extra we carted around that we could’ve done without.

Sometimes, it takes trekking across the cobblestone streets of Santorini to realise that an extra pair of heels (no matter how sexy) probably could’ve been left behind. Or, shivering through the German winter to learn that a pair of leather boots would’ve done more good keeping us warm than any striking, pleated skirt.

But, if the process of packing is still more than a little daunting, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure that you pack smart for your trip away; especially if it’s your first time travelling!

Take what you’ll wear.

If you haven’t worn that pinstripe wrap-dress in months, then chances are, you won’t be wearing it on your trip away. Pack clothes you find yourself wearing often when you’re at home. Even if it’s a worn-out pair of jeans, a scuffed set of white runners, or a classic little black dress perfect for any night out. If you’ve worn it in the past month, it’s probably a good choice for your trip!

Build outfits around these wardrobe staples of yours. If it’s a pair of boots, find a dress or skirt they match nicely with. If it’s a jumper, find the right pair of jeans and shirts to pair it with. Add accessories if you please, but keep them simple and small. Don’t forget scarves for the cold weather!

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Pack in outfits.

Keep the mindset of ‘least amount of clothes to highest number of outfits’ while packing. Find things that can be easily re-worn and pack those. Jeans are an easy example as they can paired with so many things. Skirts that can be worn with different blouses and shirts are an excellent choice too.

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Try to stray from one-time-use dresses, jackets, and trousers. Part with statement jumpers that really only match one pair of trousers, and overly-dressy gowns that are only useable for a select few formal events. The same goes for shoes, try to keep them simple — a pair of flats, and a single pair of heels will often take you a long way on their own, and can be mixed and matched with several different outfits to keep your looks fresh and inspiring.

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Pack what’s practical.

It’s easy to be idealistic when packing – adding clothing articles you think you might enjoy or might want to wear, only to find that you have “nothing to wear” when you reach your holiday destination. When we’re in holiday mode, we’re still awfully similar to our home-selves in terms of style (no matter how daring and whimsical we wish we could be), and for that reason, it’s always a good idea to stick to what we know works best.

Slow fashion is important in these scenarios. Never pack anything that’s a ‘one-and-done’ statement. Find your favourites – things you’ve already worn a number of times and know will be durable, comfortable, and versatile enough to be mixed and matched with various outfit choices.

Simple button-downs, basic blouses, plain skirts, and understated jeans are perfect for these situations and should be at the top of your packing list when wanting to pack smart.

Add in something extra.

If you’re going to be checking out nightlife, or spending time in events that require more dressing up, it’s still important that we stick to the basics. To travel light and pack smart, it’s a good idea to limit yourself to one, or two formal dresses. Aim for minimalistic styles that are can be accessorised casually or glammed up – versatile to wear to dressier activities or more laidback itineraries.

Little black dresses are a great example. Floral playsuits, jumpsuits, and lace maxi dresses also go a long way in being versatile enough to be dressed up or down at a moment’s notice. Add some strappy heels, or simple black pumps to your bag, but make sure they’re shoes you’ve worn in the past. Shoes that are comfortable and that you can wear for long periods without suffering discomfort are always going to be the best choice.

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Don’t buy a new pair of heels and add them to your bag for a first-time wear in a foreign city. The last thing you want on a wonderful night out is blisters because you hadn’t had the chance to break in those gorgeous new heels.

If you’re keen to add something new to your bag, why not check out GlamCorner’s eight-day-rental choice to bring a dress on your holiday with you!

Keep it comfortable.

Leggings, runners, jeans, and jumpers — while all staples — are the key to enjoyment. Comfort is everything when you’re travelling. You’re already out of your element in a foreign city and the last thing you need is to be feeling even more out of your skin because you’ve chosen a dud outfit that’s left you itchy and rigid.

Leggings are a wardrobe staple and can be worn with ease. Add in a simple, loose-fitted tee with a simple jumper and well-worn runners for a relaxed look that’ll have you feeling like yourself all over again. These are all simple things that can be worn, and re-worn with ease while abroad. Because, at the end of the day, your comfort and enjoyment are the most important parts of travelling.

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We hope that you’ve been inspired by today’s post to pack smart!

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