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How to be a Stylish Mother of the Bride in 2018

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December 6, 2017

It is universally agreed, that the most difficult part of planning a wedding can be dealing with family members. Whether you are determined to stay out of the planning process or wish to be involved in every last detail, as Mother of the Bride the one role made certain, is finding the perfect dress. Yes, it might be your daughter’s big day, but all eyes will be on you too!

How to be a Stylish Mother of the Bride 2018

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When it comes to Mother of the Bride styling, it is often perceived that you must foster a matronly or passé approach to dressing, in other words, boring. There is a never-ending list of unwritten rules that have long dictated what the Mother of the Bride should and shouldn’t wear to their daughter’s wedding. Customarily you should avoid wearing black or white and for obvious reason, showing too much skin. Whilst we do recommend informing the Mother of the Groom, to avoid clashing, no longer does the Mother of the Bride have to stick to soft, sugary shades of beige or dowdy, old-fashioned silhouettes.

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For all the modern mums out there, we’re here to help you navigate the minefield of planning a wedding with your daughter in 2018. We have compiled the ultimate guide on how to be a stylish Mother of the Bride, for every type of Wedding occasion!

As with any occasion, the most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect outfit, is dressing for your body type. Remember, it’s going to be a long day, so comfort must come first. However you still need to complement the bride and let your personal style shine through, whilst fitting in with the overall theme of the wedding! Before you start to consider what dress to wear, first, check out our quick guide to selecting a silhouette that will highlight your best features!

  1. Hourglass Body Type
  1. Your body shape is curvy with a small waist. To show off your hourglass silhouette, consider fit and flare and peplum style dresses. A pencil style skirt will also show off your curves and smooth out your thighs. Avoid wide necklines and wearing volume at the bodice.
  2. Apple Body Type
  1. You have a slim lower body and carry weight on top. Choose to flaunt your full figure by highlighting your shoulders and legs. Opt for a dress that is shorter in length, falling just at the knee with an a-line shape. Avoid dresses with built in waistlines.
  2. Banana Body Type

  1. Straight or banana body types have a hip-to-shoulder ratio that varies little. To accentuate the thinnest part of your silhouette and accentuate your curves, consider strong blocks of colour to help define your body. Consider empire waistline dresses and avoid shapeless clothes.
  2. Pear Body Type
  1. You have a slim upper body and carry weight around your lower body. To highlight the smallest part of your waist, consider wearing a sweetheart or off shoulder neckline or an a-line skirt. Avoid bodycon fits and embellishments or details at the hip.

Of course not all of us can easily fit into any one of the above categories and with different proportions, there can be some crossover. Ultimately, you know what looks good on you but pay attention to your shape, so you can look and feel your very best on your daughter’s special day!

  1. Cocktail Wedding
  1. Hosting a Cocktail style wedding is a glamorous affair! Be inspired by elegant embroidery and classic knee length silhouettes for this semi-formal style. Consider off-shoulder necklines with full or ¾ length sleeves to reveal just the right amount of skin! Complete your look with a delicate clutch, statement jewels and a smart over the shoulder jacket.
  2. Garden Wedding
  1. A garden wedding calls for something simple and chic. Cocktail and tea-length dresses are best for this occasion and it’s also a great opportunity to wear a bold floral print. Whilst hats are no longer mandatory for the Mother of the Bride, a headpiece can be the perfect finishing touchfor this occasion.
  2. Beach Wedding
  1. When it comes to beach weddings, it’s easy to reach for a dazzling kaftan and call it a day but as Mother of the Bride, you’re still required to wear something more formal. Channel your inner bohemian and be inspired by long, free flowing maxi skirts and glittering embellishments. Consider wearing flat shoes or wedge sandal as high heels and sandy shores don’t go hand in hand.
  2. Black-Tie Wedding
  1. A black-tie wedding requires that you wear a full length gown but don’t feel limited to wearing black. Whilst it’s traditional for the mother of the bride to co-ordinate with the wedding party, it’s not mandatory, so take this as an opportunity to make a statement and expand your colour pallette. Complete your look with a dazzling clutch and adorn yourself in fine jewellery.
  2. Trendy Wedding
  1. If your daughter has decided to forgo the traditional big white wedding, this is your chance to be a little more creative with your outfit. Your daytime style is fashion forward and verges on being over the top. You’re interested in the latest fashion and know what looks good on you! Be inspired by luxurious fabrics, romantic patterns and the colour of the season, vibrant red.
  2. City Hall Wedding
  1. Whilst not every wedding involves a traditional walk down the aisle, this laid-back city hall wedding still requires a simply chic look. The freedom that this location brings, calls for a stylish midi dress, be inspired by rich embroidery and non-traditional colour palettes. Look fabulous on the steps of city hall, wearing a bold headpiece for a fashionably polished look.
  2. Vintage Wedding
  1. A vintage wedding day style is what pinterest board dreams are made of! This Mother of the Bride look is a little more ceremonial and is best for church weddings. Consider wearing a full length dress and be inspired by high neck necklines, brocade and lace. Keep your look sharp to avoid getting caught in a vintage time warp.

Mother/daughter relationships can be testing at the best of times and the role of Mother of the Bride comes with some big responsibilities! Whilst the wedding planning process can be somewhat stressful, it is important to remember that you and your daughter are on the same team and you should enjoy this time together. It’s a special day for both of you so cherish every single moment and be proud of her, after all, you got her to this point!


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