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Our Favourite Summer Trend – Off The Shoulder

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January 17, 2017

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While it may seem the off-the-shoulder trend is a new invention to hit our runways given the influx of sexy shoulder-less styles of late, this isn’t so. The style can be tracked to the classic screen vixens of the 50’s whose bouffant hair, winged eyes and seductive glamour were often accompanied with dresses whose neckline fell and spilled down the shoulder, creating an ooh la la Bardot-esque appearance.

I remember my first dip into the off-the-shoulder trend. A black knit Tightrope sweater which folded down to delicately expose the collarbone. My grandma threatened I would catch a chill with my shoulders so exposed, and that I needed to cover up. But the style made me feel so sexy that even frostbite of the shoulders could not deter me from getting on-board this glamorous style! It was that dizzying happiness-infused feeling of checking yourself out in the mirror and thinking ‘have I always been this hot?’ and then wondering why the heck does exposing an inch of your collarbone make you seem infinity times more attractive? Why can’t I get this from a crew neck?

What is so great about off-the-shoulder outfits is that you don’t need the perfect arms, you don’t need the perfect boobs, you don’t need the perfect legs – to pull it off. It is universally flattering. Who can pick fault with their shoulders, anyway? It’s like the kind of subtle sex appeal you see from a stray wisp of hair falling across your lips, a musky scent, a man holding a baby. So this is why the off-the-shoulder style is our favourite trend for Summer.

Here are 5 unique ways to take this classic style into the now, with inspo from some stylish celebs.

5 Off The Shoulder Styles For Summer

Number 1.

Off the Shoulder Silk Top and Pencil Skirt
Image Source: All Women’s Talk

There is a fine line between wearing an off-the-shoulder bell-sleeve and looking Miranda Kerr hot to wearing it and looking frumpy. Know how to balance it! As you see here, she has styled the fullness of the top with a more streamlined pencil skirt. You can achieve this same amount of va-va-voom with our Milly Selena Slit Dress.

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Milly - Cady Selena Slit Dress - Tomato - Front

Number 2.

off the shoulder LBD
Image Source: Pinterest

Off-the-shoulder or not, a Little Black Dress (LBD) is a Summer staple. I know, I know.. black. Summer. But I believe in bending the rules. Wear a classic black number like this Carla Zampatti Black Sabrina Sheath Dress out for dinner or Summer drinks and feel that cool Summer breeze tickle your shoulders as you sit majestically in all of your exposed collarbone glory.

Carla Zampatti - Black Sabrina Sheath Dress - Front

Number 3.

off the shoulder summer day dress
Image Source: Real Style Network

An A-line linen dress like this one looking fab on actress Jamie Chung is great for Summer days. It is perfectly easy to wear the off-the-shoulder look for daytime wear, because it’s not stuffy or stuck up. There’s freedom and movement with a shoulder-less style. To liven things up a bit, how about trying an off-the-shoulder style with a twist? This Thurley Aphrodite dress mixes cool daytime blue linen with a halter/off-the-shoulder combo – swoon!

Thurley - Aphrodite Dress - Front

Number 4.

Emily Ratajkowski seductive off the shoulder red evening dress
Image Source: My Face Hunter

Not only does model Emily Ratajkowski have the perfect everything but that collarbone was made to put all others’ to shame. Is it possible to feel collarbone inferiority? Because for the first time in my life I’m feeling it. She looks like a modern day Venus in this deliciously red number -ugh! But it’s okay, we can achieve this too. I mean it. I’m selling you the dream in the form of the dress; the Elle Zeitoune Montana Scarlett. Slip it on at your next formal do and you will literally feel and look like a temptress.

Montana Scarlett

Number 5.

Kim Kardashian off the shoulder white Givenchy pantsuit
Image Source: Celebrity Style Guide

I’ll be the first to admit I cannot stand anything Kardashian/Jenner. Put it très bluntly, I’ve had a gut-full. But there are times I see one of them rocking a super hot outfit and I try to hate it because it’s them but I can’t because that outfit is literally OMGILYSM fab. The all-white trend is popping this Summer; wear it like a Kardash and opt for a white off-the-shoulder white Thurley pantsuit.

Thurley - Love Lost Onesie - White - Front

Take a look at our collection of off-the-shoulder designer dresses for more outfit inspiration!

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