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Our "How To" Guide for Colour Coordinating

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December 21, 2015

Colour coordinating your outfit can be intimidating. It doesn’t help when the fashion trends are continuously changing and fashion gurus are telling you not to wear this colour with that! Just like any other skill, colour coordinating is a case of practice makes perfect.

How To Colour Coordinate

Firstly, let's go back to basic knowledge. Colours are proven to evoke expression and emotion. Reds are passionate and powerful, vibrant and seductive. Blues are related to nature, symbolising trust and loyalty but can also suggest sadness. Yellow is cheerful, immediately eye catching and stimulates happiness. These are known as primary colours. From here, these three colours are used to create every other colour and tone, from luxurious purples to emerald greens, bursts of oranges and so on. These are known as secondary colours.

It’s a fashion faux pas to dress all in one colour or tone. No doubt minimalism is in to stay, but there is a difference between dressing all in one colour and dressing in all once colour with style! Needless to say, black, white, grey, navy and nude tones are a great monochromatic choice. If you want that comfy, casual by chic look, go for a black and white combination and throw in a navy jacket and flat shoes to suit the season. Your confidence booster for a neutral look is to start experimenting with a bold lip colour. A classic red tone will work – remember, red equals passion and power! Nude colours are also a wonderful neutral statement that you can adjust to both a causal and evening look. In the evening, a nude draped dress will work well with a pendant necklace and your go to pair of heels.

Neutral Tones Colour Coordinating
Neutral Tones Colour Coordinating 2

Once you have mastered your monochromatic look, start getting to know your complimentary colours. These are colours that are considered opposites, for example, Blue and Yellow and Red and Green are complimentary. These colours help create contrast in your outfit. You don’t necessarily need to create a statement with high saturated, bold colours. With blue and yellow, choose to showcase one of these colours in a lighter tone, for example, try a summery, light blue two-piece with a yellow clutch or handbag. If you’re feeling a little more daring, throw in another colour but let it act as a supporting feature, not something that competes. This could be done in the form of a pair of heels or chunky bracelet.

Complimentary Colour Coordinating

Feeling a little more confident with your colour co-ordinating skills? Let's try something creative! Have you heard of Ombre? Ombre is a type of gradient, showcasing the flow from one colour to another. You may normally see it in hairstyles or delicious layered cakes. Well why not try to Ombre your outfit! Red and pink are a great colour to experiment this with to give you a youthful, energetic glow! Look at showcasing one colour on your upper body then the other colour on your lower body. Look at ways to continue that colour gradient in your accessories, but be careful not to over do it.

Red and Pink Colour Coordinating

Another creative way to colour coordinate is by taking inspiration from busy patterns or fabrics that you don’t necessarily own or can afford. That’s right, you can look Dolce Gabbana chic without even owning Dolce Gabbana! For example, let's experiment with one of Ted Baker’s floral 2015 summer prints. Deconstruct the main colours and tones from the print and then look to base your outfit around them. You can stay true to your inspiration by ordering prominent colours for main pieces of your outfit then feature the other colours through accessories.

Ted Baker Colour Coordination Palette

Don’t be scared to wear patterns, they are able to add wonderful character to your outfit. When you want to wear your favourite patterned jacket, dress or pants, make that your statement piece and pair it with neutral or tones that don’t compete.

Patterns Colour Coordination
Pattern Colour Coordination

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