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Packing for a Weekend Away

Packing for a weekend away, no matter the location or event, will always result in an endless array of lists and post it notes (around my room, at least) to ensure everything and anything one could need is accounted for and ready to go.

Whether it be for a weekend away at a farm, a seaside trip with the girls, or a quick little getaway just because, ensuring your bag is full of all the essentials (plus anything you may just "need" along the way) is the key to ensuring your weekend will run super smoothly!

Here's our guide to the most important essentials you can pack in your bag, for every weekend away, no matter where on the earth you are heading!

Bag Lady

packing for a weekend away - baglady

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I'm sure you know the scene from Mary Poppins all too well; her seemingly bottomless bag that contains just about anything you could ever need. Well, think of this when you start to pack for your weekend away. While it's certainly great to have a bag that can fit your entire wardrobe, no one wants to cart a 23kg tote around with them all weekend.

Look for a bag that's small enough to be considered as carry-on luggage on a plane, yet large enough to neatly fit all that's required. Having a zip isn't a top priority, however, opting for one that has a clasp, leather tie or something that will "clip" over the top of the bag will ensure its contents don't go flying everywhere at the first corner you take.

Consider bringing something small as well that can double as your handbag during the day and a small going out bag come night time. Especially if hitting the town is on the cards. Clutches work perfectly in this instance, however if you aren't one for awkwardly arm-holding your stylish envelop clutch, then pack something similar to a classic Chanel 2.55 over-the-shoulder flap bag.

Light, easy to wear and style, and perfect for dancing the night away (with both hands free) if you so desire!

Must Have Goodies

bag essentials - packing for a weekend away

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When it comes to packing for a weekend away and the tiny essentials, think about anything you may need if you were to relax poolside for a few hours. Sunglasses are a must (protected in their case, of course) a good book or magazine, earphones for some private tunes, and last but not least an Akubra, Panama Hat or Cap - whichever takes your fancy.

Compact-form powder or liquid makeup means touchups can easily be applied but precious space won't be wasted. Eyeliner and mascara are a must, and don't forget your lip balm! Trust us, you'll hate yourself if you forget that when the sunburnt/wind-burnt lips come calling.

Wardrobe Worries

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When packing for a weekend away, I like to pretend I'm heading somewhere tropical that has the chance of getting snow. Makes sense, right?! Maybe not. By this I mean you have to be prepared for any type of weather, because winter could come at any time really.

Look to lightweight, easy to pack clothes that won't take up too much of your precious packing space. Always wear the heavier items during the travel days, and never, ever forget your swimmers; these are an absolute weekend away essential.

Our Top Tip on what to throw in your bag? A denim jacket is a must - it will take you from daytime to those chillier night time drinks. They also work perfectly when teamed with jumpers and scarfs for the cooler climates. Basics must be accounted for: jeans, shorts and an organic-cotton breton-striped t-shirt. Last but not least, something for the night time. Look to a fun and flirty frock, or a pretty little jumpsuit to take away with you; both can work during the day or night, casual or more formally. Perfect!

Twinkle Toes

flats - packing for a weekend away

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When it comes to the shoes, packing for a weekend away in this department is fairly easy. One casual pair, and one more formal pair will see you from day to night, with no issues in between. I like to pack a pair of flats, (think: brogues, slides or loafers), as well as a pair of low-styled heeled boots. Just incase the weather turns wild and some puddle-hopping has to be done!

With all these handy hints, packing for a weekend away will no longer be the arduous task it used to be! Simple, easy, and ready for a run weekend away wherever one may go!

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