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Wedding Designer Clothing Hire in Melbourne – Customer Story

Our loving customer Stacy wore the Nord Cape in White by Unreal Fur for her wedding day ceremony in Melbourne. A winter staple to have, it’s the perfect elegant accessory for an evening occasion or formal event! Read more about Stacy’s hire experience below.

Which GlamCorner piece did you rent from us and why?

I rented the Unreal Fur Nord Cape in white from GlamCorner for my wedding ceremony! I got married last Winter in Melbourne, and I needed something warm to pop over my wedding dress because I knew it was going to be freezing. I loved the idea of wearing a faux fur cape and Unreal Fur is one of my favourite brands.

What made you decide to rent over buy for your wedding?

I realised that so many people only wear their wedding outfit once and then it sits unused, and I wanted our wedding to be as sustainable and waste-free as possible. Another reason I chose to rent was that it works out much cheaper in the end.

Tell us more about your wedding day!

Our wedding was very low-key and was held at my family friend’s house. The date was 08/08/2018, which was the 10 year anniversary of my family friend May moving into the property, so that was pretty special! We kept it to 20 of our closest friends and family, and it was absolutely perfect for us. We used dried rose petals, paper lanterns as decoration, and vegan catering from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. My dress was by Reformation, an ethical fashion brand, and of course the cape rented from GlamCorner finished the look off nicely.

What inspired you to live an eco lifestyle?

I went vegan for ethical reasons at the beginning of 2017. After making that switch, I started to learn about the effects that our modern lifestyles have on the environment and decided that something had to change. I slowly started to reduce my waste, consume more mindfully, and make choices that would minimise my ecological footprint. I absolutely love nature and our beautiful landscape so I feel invested in making sure it’s around for future generations to appreciate and admire.

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Do you have any tips on practising mindfulness?

Practice is the keyword! I think it takes lots of practice and baby steps. I’ve made lots of mistakes, but it’s all about trying your best. Even just taking a minute before you purchase something to think about whether you really need it or not is a good step. I try to spend a few minutes every morning being mindful of my mood and what my goals are for the day.

Why is important to you when it comes to companies receiving a B Corp Certification?

To me, a company or business that has a B Corp Certification cares about their impact on the world. I admire GlamCorner for their certification and it means that I can trust that GlamCorner are being transparent, and I can trust them to carry out business with good ethics and practices.

I think it is the future of fashion, especially because fashion is one of the most polluting industries at the moment. The monthly subscription box that has been recently introduced is a really great step towards creating a circular economy where we can share resources, wear stylish new outfits regularly, but lessen the strain on our Mother Earth (and your wallet!)

At GlamCorner, we strive to give our customers the reassurance that when you rent with us, you know we are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Learn more about what B Corp Certification means to us.

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