Real vs. Steal – How To Dress Designer Without The Designer Price Tag

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January 23, 2017

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There’s this long-held belief that in order to look good, it’s gotta be designer. And while yes, I have to agree that designer couture is a cut above when it comes to quality and overall attention to detail, I don’t believe in forking out thousands for a piece which most likely will spend half of its life in a plastic zip-bag in the back of your wardrobe and serving as a constant reminder of your lack of impulse-control (and money to spare!)

What if I told you that you can dress designer without the expensive designer price tag? In fact, there are many ways in which you can score that luxe look for a fraction of the price tag; let’s look at some of these right now!

5 Ways To Dress Designer For Less

1. Can We Go Thrift-Shopping?

That Macklemore song aside, there’s merit in scouring the racks of your local thrift/op-shop. These places can be a gold mine of second-hand designer clothes. In my experience (I am an avid thrift-shopper!) every item I have found and purchased from the local Saint Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army, my friends & family would assault me with compliments as soon as I put it on – ‘where did you get that?’ ‘What a gorgeous dress!’ and they would be none-the-wiser of the fact I spent as little as $5 on a designer dress, simply because the previous owner had out-grown or out-loved it! I once found a Hermes silk dress for $3 and it was in perfect condition, not a scratch wrong with it. You would be surprised at the designer steals you can find simply by taking the time to look. Not to mention you will be giving back to the community too – a win, win!

2. Shop With A Designer Eye

You can get a designer look for less by looking for items that appear ‘expensive’. By this I mean items which possess an extra attention to detail; be it in intricate beading around the neckline, a drape cut, a soft, luxe-looking fabric. I like to shop with an image of a designer piece I have in mind and then look for a budget alternative at the local department stores. Not all budget buys look cheap; just look for quality and detail. Some major fashion stores carry a budget designer label, such as Jean Paul Gaultier for Target and Kenzo for H&M. Also, budget steals can look like high-end designer outfits simply with the addition of accessories. Invest in a quality statement necklace to wear with your blouse and you will instantly look like your outfit costs more than it actually does.

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3. Shop A Designer’s Budget Collections

Many high-end designers have a lower-cost collection which are mostly sold in department stores or as a separate collection on the brand’s website. Examples of these include Marc by Marc Jacobs, REDValentino and ALX by Alex Perry. Shopping these collections allows you to purchase the designer name and look at a fraction of their couture line, but still have the quality and same brand appeal. Most of these budget collections are limited edition or ‘trending’ items only; so be wary of this before you purchase ‘the look’ of the season when it may lose it’s versatility down the track. But if you are looking for a designer look for less, then this is a great option.

4. Shopping This Season Is Oh-So Last Season

One essential tip I can give from my years of budget shopping is the pay-off of shopping off-season. Buying items that are on clear-out status to make way for the new season’s items can be a sure-fire way of finding a quality designer outfit for less. Try shopping for swimwear during Winter, and Summer wear during Winter. These items will be marked down and for no more reason than because it’s ‘last season’. A take-home tip when buying off-season items include choosing a timeless piece. Shop for ‘classic’ items which will stand the test of time and won’t appear ‘last season’ next season! For example, shopping an elegant black or beige midi skirt is much savvier than an on-trend neon skirt which will look outdated come next season.

5. Rent A Designer Dress

Here at GlamCorner we offer designer dresses to rent for a fraction of the retail price. Renting designer outfits is such a cost-effective way of wearing your favourite designer for less. If you are in need of a special dress for a formal occasion such as a formal, wedding, high school reunion or birthday party, then renting a dress can be a simple and cost-effective solution.

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For example, this new arrival Manning Cartel dress would cost $699 at retail price. You can rent it for $159 (plus initial shipping) for a 4-day rental allowing you to dazzle for your special occasion and feel red-carpet ready despite being on a budget.

An added bonus, once you have worn your dress and are ready to return it, simply place your dress in the pre-paid return bag provided by GC and drop it at your local Post Office or yellow express mailbox! We also take care of the dry-cleaning for you!

Dressing designer doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or settling for less; being a little bit more savvy and looking in places which aren’t so obvious can make all the difference in finding a designer dress for less.

For more info on how to dress designer for less by renting a dress, visit our website! xo

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