SPELL Launches Sister to Sister Rental Platform, Powered by GlamCorner

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May 14, 2021

Fashion waste is a huge issue in Australia today, with 6000kg of clothing waste being dumped into landfill every 10 minutes. So, with a commitment to changing this culture of disposable fashion, cult Australian label SPELL has just partnered with GlamCorner on the launch of Sister to Sister – an exclusive rental platform, now available online via

Model wearing Le Gauze Lace Kerchief Dress by SPELL(Image source: SPELL)

One of the first Australian labels to launch a one stop sustainable shopping experience through rental, SPELL has specially curated an exclusive capsule collection of 48 garments, which are now available for rent. This includes highly sought after archival pieces from previous collections.

About the Partnership

“Our community [has] always led us with their passion to buy, swap and sell our pieces,” says SPELL Co-Founder Elizabeth Abegg. “[So], inspired by [our customers], we are now offering a new solution to accessing our collections, whilst decreasing the size of your wardrobe and your environmental impact on the planet.”

This process is fulfilled by GlamCorner’s streamlined click to rent process, which allows pieces to be rented out for a short term, then returned and cleaned. As a pioneer of fashion rental, B Corp GlamCorner is committed to extending the life of high quality clothes in order to reduce fashion waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

So, the SPELL partnership is designed to help support this reduction of wasted clothing, while still allowing customers the opportunity to access their favourite styles from the cult Australian label. In an era where the average Australian is buying more new clothes all the time, but only wearing 40% of their wardrobe, this exclusive rental platform represents a much more sustainable approach.

Model wearing Ada Gown by SPELL (Image source: SPELL)

According to GlamCorner Co-Founder and COO Audrey Khaing-Jones, “it has always been [the GlamCorner] mission to reshape the fashion industry towards a more circular economy and make rental the norm. Now, almost 10 years on, we are working with SPELL, one of Australia’s leading designers and a brand that is taking its impact and sustainability journey seriously.”

The partnership between GlamCorner and SPELL grew quite organically, with both companies united by a common goal: to make fashion more responsible and raise the industry standard in Australia. “What started as an emboldened mission to trace our [SPELL] supply chain and introduce more ecologically responsible fibres into our collections, has become a business-wide quest to always operate with people and planet at the forefront of our minds,” Abegg explains. “In a world where our resources are finite, we have long known that it is circular or bust. SPELL is very excited to play our part when it comes to moving towards a circular economy with our Sister to Sister rental platform, powered by GlamCorner.”

GlamCorner is, likewise, very excited about the launch of the Sister to Sister initiative. “We are really proud to partner with a brand that is aligned with our vision to drive this generational change in fast fashion consumption and waste,” Khaing-Jones says. “This partnership is setting an industry benchmark on the commitment that we should be making to sustainability.”

The SPELL x GlamCorner partnership offers an online destination for customers to rent their favourite SPELL garments and support the circular fashion economy at the same time. Customers nationwide can now access the SPELL rental platform online and can do their part in transforming the face of Australian fashion for the better.

Rent the exclusive SPELL capsule collection now via Sister to Sister, powered by GlamCorner.

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