Cocktail Party Designer Dress Hire in Sydney NSW – Customer Story

Enchanted Garden Dress in Black – Thurley

Our gorgeous customer Eileen chose to wear theEnchanted Dress in Black by Thurleyto a cocktail charity event in Sydney, NSW. Featuring a beautiful embroidered lace inblack and white, this stunning mini number is perfect for making a statement at your next event! Read more about her experience below.

Tell us about the occasion that you rented GC item for?

I’ve rented from GlamCorner a few times now (mostly for weddings), but my most recent dress hire was for a mid-winter charity event at the ICC in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

“Consciously choose to step away from that ‘consumer must-have’ mentality.”

Why rent over buy?

Like most women my age, I have expensive and ever-changing taste in fashion. I’ve recently decided there was no point in spending unnecessary amounts of money on a dress that I was only going to wear once or twice.

I’ve ‘Marie Kondo’d’ my wardrobe and found it quite refreshing having only a few key items I LOVE and now consciously choose to step away from that ‘consumer must-have’ mentality.

Renting gives me the opportunity to wear a fancy dress for a fraction of the cost with the joy of sending it back again, knowing someone else will wear it and the dress will not sit in my wardrobe collecting dust.

Enchanted Garden Dress in Black – Thurley

Why GlamCorner?

I have rented from a few different online dress businesses in the past and have found GlamCorner the best by far. The customer service is 10 out of 10, not to mention GlamCorner also have the best high-quality designer dress options compared to their competitors!

Did you enjoy your overall experience with GlamCorner? What part of the process was memorable?

My favourite part of the process is when the parcel arrives at my doorstep. It’s like opening up a present – one that you know you’re going to like. I also really like the $15 back-up dress option. Most of the time I find I love both dresses and have difficulty trying to pick which one to wear.

Would you recommend us to your friends and family? If so, what would you tell them?

Yes, I would and I do! I’m constantly asked where my dress is from and most people take note so they can rent from GlamCorner for their next event.

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