Our Favourite Trends Spotted at MBFWA 2017

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney has come and gone. It brought with it a plethora of stunning and inspiring outfit ensembles that we can��t stop talking about! With its 22nd year now concluded, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week remains an important platform for our state’s designers to make their mark on the fashion scene.

There was colour, there were patterns, there were handbags with palm prints on them that made us long for summer and vacations by the beach. Fashion Week saw a number of breathtaking shows with acclaimed Aussie designer Dion Lee setting the stage for the start of the week as he stunned with a high fashion version of a bachelor and spinster’s ball.

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We were given a glimpse at an array of deconstructed, wide-brimmed Akubra hats in varying shades of black, blue, and tomato red. We were given a glimpse at stunning boots with Cuban heels, and resort wear we still can’t get out of our heads!

Oversized jackets made a comeback with Dion Lee’s line, and even an Ikea-esque shopping bag in stunning blue served as highlights. Silk tracksuits, and thick throwovers for women were worn down the runway in cutting-edge style. Dion Lee’s line showcased a versatile range of perfect ensembles that can take their wearers effortlessly from a party in the countryside, to a corporate board meeting in the heart of the bustling CBD.

Dion Lee Runway MBFWA
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Dion Lee left us with another MBFW trend in the form of gender-neutral silks. We can’t get enough of the relaxed and loose-fitting attire showcased through his line. There were plenty of trademark designs displayed during the show. They were dresses that reminded us as to why one of Australia’s most successful designers both at home in Sydney and abroad, is renowned for his uncanny ability to curb his creative flare with commercial viability.

Meanwhile, Alice McCall (by now, a fashion week veteran) took a lighter and more feminine approach to the runway. Her line consisted of cobweb lace dresses, her famous, characteristic ruffles and fluttering springtime feathers that left a dreamy impression. A sure MBFWA trend spotted amidst her line was the bevy of feathers! With a two-thousand dollar ostrich feather jacket and a number of feather-embellished clutch purses served as highlights, we’re eager to see them hit the rack soon!

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We’re assured that lace won’t be going out of style anytime soon by red carpet favourite, Steven Khalil, who debuted his extraordinary range of gowns on the second day of the MBFWA. Steven Khalil stunned the crowd with a dress worth $100,000. A dress that closed his resort show.

Steven Khalil MBFWA
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The wedding dress was dubbed the most expensive item at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It featured a stunning mesh bodice, full-bodied, sequinned and beaded floor-length skirts and a tulle veil. Delicate lace was embellished across the gown in a stunning display that proved to us a surefire MBFW trend is lace!

On the other end of the spectrum is the more relaxed resort wear that we were treated to on the catwalk. Stylist Marina Alfonina’s Albus Lumen show at Fashion Week featured a number of carefree and relaxed ensembles. She gave us an assurance that florals remain a surefire MBFW trend. Her collection featured a number of equally stunning and eye-catching mini and midi dresses that left us longing for the sandy shores of a tropical island somewhere far away from Sydney’s dreary winter.

Albus Lumen MBFWA
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The vacation-ready collection featured very Grace Kelly inspired head scarves and tailored pieces in natural fabrics such as linen and silk appealed to our inner Sydney fashion girl style. She debuted outfits that felt like a vacation in themselves – it was as if we would be transported to that mythical beach by wearing these clothes alone!

Meanwhile, Bec & Bridge stunned with bold, statement colours. Bright reds stormed the runway with looks that demanded attention; looks we absolutely loved! Designer duo Becky Cooper and Bridge Yorston have perfected highlighting contoured lines and sleek silhouettes in a distinguishable and signature style that’s easily recognisable. Bec & Bridge celebrated the brand’s fifteenth anniversary with this fun and brightly-coloured collection that has gotten us brimming with envy!

Bec & Bridge MBFWA
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Bec & Bridge brought bold colours onto the scene as a MBFW trend in the form of bright reds, polka dot prints and bright, berry lips. Plunging v-necklines, smooth silk, characteristic ruffles, svelte velvets and bold blues made up their styles. Looks were completed with striking makeup that consisted of the classic red lip and bright blue cat eyeliner that we just adored! The brand also gave the classic dress-trousers a new breath of life in the form of brightly-coloured, ruffle-embellished trousers matched with a t-shirt that featured matching-coloured text.

Bec & Bridge Backstage MBFWA
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Bec & Bridge was easily a highlight of MBFWA’s day two!

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