Wardrobe Staples That Look Great On Any Body Type

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April 12, 2017

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Trends come and go faster than the seasons roll by, but basics are our year-round wardrobe staples. Whether it’s that perfectly worn-in pair of flats, a relaxed white tee that sits in all the right places, a trusty pair of blue jeans with a bootleg cut, or simple black leather handbag, you can rest assured these key wardrobe staples will be with you no matter the season. Whether you’re looking to start over when it comes to your wardrobe, or seeking a few basics to dress up and personalise to your liking — GlamCorner has assembled the perfect list to get you started.

The essentials offer the groundwork for you to add your flair to; whether it’s a few glam accessories, a pair of eye-catching sunnies, or a classy heel to top off your look – you can never go wrong by opting for something simple.

So, where do you start?

The Little Black Dress

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for love and lemons tarta mini dress wardrobe staples little black dress

We all love our little black dresses for a number of reasons, but the main one is clear; versatility. There’s so much you can do with this as part of your wardrobe staples. You could go casual with understated accessories, flats, and a matching clutch or over-the-shoulder handbag, or dress your look up with matching black heels, statement accessories, and a bright glitter clutch to tie it all together with a metaphorical bow!

The little black dress is perfect for every season, and every outing – from wedding receptions, to date nights, to girls night out. You’ll never go wrong with one in your wardrobe! At GlamCorner, we have an entire selection of little black dresses to choose from – dresses that feature midi hemlines, asymmetrical hemlines, and everything in between.

Black is a universally flattering colour on all body types. It’s slimming, and it’s timeless. Highlight the waist with a free-flowing skirt, or show off all your curves in a bodycon ensemble to really catch the eye. There’s no wrong way to wear black, and no wrong way to rock your little black dress!

Wrap dresses

privacy please fillmore dress
we are kindred sibella ruffle wrap dress

Cinching in at the waist and falling from the hip, the always-stylish wrap dress looks great on every body type. It’s a simple piece and a great choice to look polished with minimal effort. Relaxed, casual, and carefree, it’s a great choice for the party season. These dresses come in a variety of shapes and styles – some feature more bodycon fits, while others are much more loose, and flattering.

Opt for a mono colour dress, or a patterned ensemble for a playful pop of colour. There are countless ways to dress these looks up – whether it’s with statement accessories and a simplified clutch, or a pair of glamorous heels and a dark lip for a dramatic, and edgy look. Wrap dresses are perfect no matter the body type, and no matter the season! Make sure you add a wrap dress to your wardrobe staples this season.

The Midi Dress

rebecca vallance bravado high neck midi
pasduchas clover classic midi

Midi dresses typically hit mid-calf or just below the knee and are an essential addition to your wardrobe staples. The midi comes with an easy to wear vibe that can easily be shifted to an elegant ensemble, or something more suited to a racy night out. It’s a flattering style that can be worn countless ways – whether it’s a bodycon, a mesh skirt, or an asymmetrical hemline.

It’s a common saying that midi dresses shouldn’t be worn by short girls, because it’s easy to look ‘frumpy’ in a dress that falls too low down the calf, but there are easy ways to avoid that. Stick to sheer fabrics, like mesh! Go for strappy heels with length to give you the added illusion of height. Cinch the dress about your waist with a belt to highlight an hourglass figure — or aim for an A-line silhouette.

This versatile dress can be coupled with any body type for an eye-catching look. Personalize it, and make it your own!

A simple black blazer

pierre balmain double breasted blazer
thurley jacket

Even if you don’t work at a business-casual office, every woman should have at least one blazer tucked away in her wardrobe for ammunition. Blazers can be easily tailored to be flattering to any silhouette— if yours doesn’t fit right off the bat, take it to a seamstress for a proper fitting. If your shoulders are too broad, or too narrow – that can be adjusted! Need it to be brought in at the waist a little more? Sleeves too wide? It can all be fixed, and made to fit you! That’s part of what makes this staple so perfect – it can be crafted to fit you, because you should never have to shift, and change for a piece of clothing.

Part of what makes a blazer so fitting in your wardrobe staples is how versatile it can be. Add brooches, pins, necklaces and bracelets to shift your look from business professional, to after-work drinks. You can opt for a simple look with folded lapels, and deep pockets, or a more elaborate one embellished with beads and sequins for a subversive take on a wardrobe staple.

Blazers can be paired with any outfit; whether you’re rocking jeans and a t-shirt, or a formal dress for a black-tie outing. If there’s a chill in the air, chuck on your black blazer to keep the cold out!


jeans denim wardrobe staples for any body type
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Whether they’re flared, skinny, cropped, boyfriend, or acid wash – every woman needs a good pair of jeans that make their butt look great as part of their wardrobe staples. What better way to boost your mood?

Jeans are an age-old favourite, and while a new pair of jeans doesn’t need to be expensive, you need to take the time to make sure they fit correctly. These days, jeans are actively made for all body types, but finding the right pair for your body type might take some time. Seek out good quality denim, and don’t be afraid to be strict with your choices, even if it means parting with a few extra dollars. In the long run, it’ll be worth it — a good pair of jeans can last you a good long while!

Maybe the most versatile choice, and the easiest answer to your ‘I have nothing to wear’ woes, anything goes with a good pair of jeans; even a pump heel, or strappy sandal.

With your wardrobe staples sorted, shopping for statement pieces can be a guilt free experience with GlamCorners endless online wardrobe available at your fingertips for a fraction of the retail price!

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