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October 7, 2018

Our beautiful customer, Monica, chose to wear the ‘Caprice Mini Dress‘ by Talulah to her friend’s wedding at Werribee Mansion in Victoria. We adore the flared sleeve design and the dual tone lace trim adds a stunning detail element! Read more about her experience with GlamCorner below.

Tell us about the wedding and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?

The wedding was set to take place at Werribee Mansion on a spring day. I usually don’t buy designer clothes so it was an opportunity for me to wear a dress that was not only expensive in price, but made using high quality materials. I think when you wear a designer dress, the fit is much better, you feel extravagant, and I get a confidence boost when I am wearing a luxurious item that flatters my shape.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

I decided to rent a designer dress for the occasion because more often than not I am reluctant to buy an item knowing I would only get one wear out of it. When I think about spending several of hundreds of dollars on a single dress for it to then sit in my closet, I feel very wasteful. Renting a dress means that you are saving money as well as recycling a product. The concept means that you get to wear an amazing outfit without the guilty feeling of spending too much money. GlamCorner provides 4 or 8 day returns, so because my event was on a Sunday, I didn’t have to rush and return the dress in a 24 hour time frame. I also consider this when worst case scenario happens and the dress doesn’t fit, you still have some time to find something else.

What made you choose this dress and Designer? Have you ever purchased from this designer before

I chose this dress because my favourite colour is blue and it flatters my complexion. I don’t purchase from designers often so it was an opportunity to wear a high-end piece without the price tag to go with it. The dress was long-sleeved and flowy from the waist down. This design was appropriate for me to wear because nights can get cold in Melbourne, even if the day was quite warm. Also, I eat a lot at weddings and the dress hid any sign of bloating!

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Was this your first time renting a dress? If so, what made you consider it?

I have rented one dress on a previous occasion with GlamCorner. I think the concept of reducing wastage and saving money is what first made me consider GlamCorner. Compared to other websites, I found that GlamCorner had the best selection and no hidden add-on fees at check out. Initially it felt a bit risky to rent a dress I have never tried on, but they offer to add on a back up dress for the convenient price of $15!

How did you come across GlamCorner?

I think I stumbled across GlamCorner on Instagram. I did a little bit of research and compared their services to other websites and decided to give it a go. I’m happy that I did, because the GlamCorner team are incredibly understanding and responsive to emails.

Did you enjoy your overall experience from beginning to end with GlamCorner? Would you recommend us to other women?

On the day, I received the dress exactly as anticipated and there was no sign of use. I had some correspondence with GlamCorner when I first placed my order online and they rectified the issue almost immediately. I have been recommending GlamCorner to all my friends, and would highly endorse this service. The concept of giving women the opportunity to wear designer dresses for a fraction of the price is something I think everyone can support. Especially with the range of sizes offered and dresses for any occasion, GlamCorner is very accommodating. They also provide a return satchel and dry clean the dress so you don’t have to worry about encountering extra fees when you go through the return steps. I noticed that GlamCorner sends email updates throughout the process so you are always in the loop regarding the arrival and return of your package. I will be using this website for all future events. Overall, I am satisfied with GlamCorner who have provided the best customer service to date. Thank you GC!!!

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