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Wedding Party Dress Hire in Melbourne – Customer Story

Our lovely customer Mia recently chose to hire our Alice McCall ‘Northern Lights Dress Ballet’ for her wedding party in Melbourne. This stunning dress features flower embroidery with pleated contrast trims and flouncy overlays. Read more about her wedding party dress rental experience below:

Mia Roth Wedding Party Dress Hire 1

1. Tell us about the special occasion you had and why you wanted to wear a designer dress for it?

For my wedding I loved my wedding dress but knew that I wanted a costume change to set the tone as the party went into full swing. I wanted something that was beautiful in its own right but set the scene for a fun night full of mischief, sparkle and dance. I also wanted something elegant, but easy to shimmy and dance the night away.

Mia Roth Wedding Party Dress Hire 2

2. What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

Realistically I was only ever going to wear this dress once, it had its special moment in time and would never be able to carry the same magic for another event. Hiring this was the perfect option, it meant I could have my special moment for a fraction of the cost of having a dress that would forever sit in my wardrobe gathering dust.

3. Tell us about the dress and the designer label you chose, and why you chose it?

It was an Alice McCall gold shimmery number. It actually held a lot of similarity to my wedding gown but was as though my wedding gown had a naughty twin. Alice McCall’s dresses are always a perfect combination of eclectic elegance. The gold pattern was intricate and unlike anything I’d ever seen. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect dress.

Mia Roth Wedding Party Dress Hire 3

4. Have you rented a dress before or was this your first time? For your first time renting a dress, what made you consider it?

I’d never rented a dress but now I can’t imagine ever going to a function and paying full price for a dress again. With weddings so expensive if it was one less expense I have to worry about then perfect. I don’t think I could ever go to a function now again without hiring out a designer number instead of paying full price.

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Mia Roth Wedding Party Dress Hire 4

5. Tell us about how you first discovered GlamCorner?

Quite a few of my friends had started using GlamCorner for the races season and wedding functions. I’d always been curious about it and when I saw the Alice McCall dress on it that I’d already had my eye on I knew it was meant to be.

6. How was your overall experience with GC (online and offline) and would you recommend us to other women?

GlamCorner is a class act. From the dress arriving well ahead of time to the constant communication and easy return system I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Plus they dry clean for you so there’s another expense you don’t have to worry about. I’ve been telling all my friends about it – after receiving more compliments for my party dress than my actual wedding gown and explaining where I got the dress from I think there’ll be quite a lot of new customers coming on board again.

Mia Roth Wedding Party Dress Hire 5

Thanks for sharing your story Mia! You looked amazing! ???? We’re so happy we were able to help you feel and look amazing on your special day in the perfect wedding party dress. We look forward to seeing you again soon! xo



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