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Spring Racing Fashion Wrap Up – What to Wear to Melbourne Cup 2017

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September 26, 2017

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On your marks, get set, and we’re off….

Get ready ladies, Melbourne Cup is fast approaching and we are here to help ease any fashion anxiety you may have in the lead up to the highly anticipated racing event that stops the nation. Get ready to hit the fields in one of our forecasted trends!

Melbourne Cup day is, without a doubt, the creme de la creme event of all fashion events this spring racing season! Don’t be shy, celebrate big with a whole lot of colour, fabulous textured fabrics and bold fitted silhouettes. Put your best fashion foot forward at your next Melbourne Cup day event and go all out with a bang in one of our predictions for the top trending looks of 2017.

Don’t forget to complete your look by experimenting with exciting statement headwear at your upcoming Melbourne Cup day and you’ll feel like the ultimate winning lady!

Hot Trends To Follow This 2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival

Mustard Yellow

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The hue of the season, Mustard yellow is easier to style than you may think. Contrary to its vibrant sister canary yellow, this colour works a lot better with most skin tones due to its warmer rich tone. So go on, be bold and give it a try this racing season and you’ll make a vivid statement.

Silk Wrap Dress

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The silk wrap dress is the perfect way to create a classically demure look this spring race season. Play homage to early Hollywood screen sirens with a relaxed silk wrap dress and you’ll feel and look splendidly comfortable and elegantly chic. Pair your effortlessly stylish look with a simple crown headpiece and bold statement earrings for the perfect formal daytime look.

Cold Shoulder Trend

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The cold shoulder trend is so hot right now, perhaps because there is something so ethereally effortless and feminine in showing a little skin. The peek-a-boo shoulder is a great way to create an edgy yet sophisticated ladylike look, which we believe is perfect for the spring time racing season. Create a little mystery with this chic exposed shoulder look and you’ll feel like a total fashion winner.

Layered Ruffle

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Feel super fun in a beautifully layered ruffled number at your next Melbourne Cup race day event. Choose from long ruffles, bias cut ruffles or even ruffled sleeves, the sky’s the limit with this gorgeous fashion look. Incredibly easy to wear and style, the layered ruffled look is great for almost all body types. Experiment with a range of fabrics and textures for added drama or keep it fresh and simple with a solid colour toned linen fabric. We love this season’s ruffled blue crush look guaranteed to offer you a fresh spring time look.

Spring Floral

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It’s really no surprise that the spring floral look make an appearance on this trend list. Synonymous with spring, the floral trend is an all time favourite amongst race goers and offers the ultimate fashionista a soft girly style. Take your spring floral look to the next level this race season with embroidered prints and textured lace on sheer mesh panelling. Soft silk printed fabrics are also great for a super feminine leisurely daytime look.

Bell Sleeve

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Aaaah the ever so simple yet strikingly bold bell sleeve, possibly the best way to add fashion drama to a look in a matter of minutes. This trend is immensely popular amongst major fashion players. It has been trending now for a while and it’s extremely easy to see why it has been a fashion hit. Relaxed fit, tick. Effortless drama, tick. Modern edge, tick. To add to your super feminine look, opt for a floral lace inspired headpiece.

Jewelled Crown

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A stunning jewelled headpiece is bound to be the crowning glorying of millinery wear this spring race season. Making its debut on the catwalks of Milan, this super-hot trend is bound to make any girl feel like a glowing queen who will surely command everyone’s attention on the fields. Experiment with different sizes and shapes for either a more subtle or bold look, depending of course on the overall fashion style you wish to channel.

Fabulous Fringe

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It’s amazing to think what a little fringe can do to an outfit, a fringed hemline can elevate your outfit from simple to chic instantaneously. Whether you are after an effortlessly bohemian look or feel like honouring the fabulous roaring 20’s with a sparkling tasselled number, fringing is bound to offer you the perfect combination of modern and vintage styling.

Metallic Pleats

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Pleats are an awesome way to create a fluently contemporary look for your upcoming Melbourne Cup race day event. Adding a shimmering metallic fabric is a superb way to create daytime glam whilst still remaining super comfortable and fashionably relevant. The pleated free flowing skirt is an incredible versatile and timeless piece that is sure to add to your race day look in a beautifully unstated yet glamourous manner.

Statement Earrings

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What better way to add to your race day look than with a pair of bold statement earring. This season it seems to be the bigger the earring the better, a great way to showcase your personality and perhaps express yourself. Some would say that the statement earring has become next in line to the statement fascinator and this season it’s all about working in the two to create an over the top bold embellished look.

Flounce Skirt

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The flounced skirt hemline is ohhh so relevant right now, a key fashion trend for this spring season. Nothing says ‘hello spring’ like a structured flounce skirt silhouette and it is a fantastic way to showcase your womanly curves. This style is closely related to the ruffled hemline and although very similar, they are incredibly different. The flounce offers a more streamlined finish, while it’s distant cousin ‘the ruffle’ is usually more gathered or can even in some cases be pleated. For the perfect spring daytime look opt for a hemline finish in a midi length style.

Geometric Lace

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Geometric patterns created in the lace will sit ever so beautifully against your skin and offer you a boldly dynamic look. For added dimension and drama, opt for dark coloured pieces. Although black is not traditionally seen as a spring time colour, it works extremely well with the geometric shapes created in the fabric. To soften your daytime  look you can opt for colours like charcoal, grey or navy blue.

Solid Colour

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The solid colour trend is not one for the faint hearted, channel your inner adventurous side with an electrically bold coloured outfit. Richly vibrant coloured tones are a must when rocking this look. To compliment your super girl look, opt for a super form fitted bodycon silhouette that will compliment and hug your figure in all the right places. Complete this look by adding boldly coloured accessories and a striking headpiece.

Textured Lace

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Textured lace is a timeless fashion choice for spring time racing and is popular as a flirty and feminine style. Some may argue that lace is far from a trend and that it is here to stay indefinitely. However, new processes and technologies have offered us more creativity and diversity when it comes to the production of lace and gives us more intricate and visually appealing pieces to choose from. You could say that lace has been taken to the next level and has evolved from the once ‘soft and delicate’ to the ‘powerful and strong’ style of today’s woman.

Sheer Trend

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Sheer fabrics have recently been seen all over the international catwalks and seem to be a popular choice amongst the masses. This is mostly due to the fact that sheer fabrics are incredibly pretty, fresh and feminine which is probably the best way to sum up spring fashion. Opt for a sheer skirt with under slip for a beautifully girly day time look. To add to your gorgeously glamorous look, try fabrics with embroidered or bejeweled elements for a soft ethereal look.

Tips To Remember When Dressing For The Melbourne Cup


  1. Select vibrant colours.
  2. Apply sunscreen.
  3. Wear comfort shoes.
  4. Pre prep your outfit.
  5. Remember to have fun!


  1. Show too much skin.
  2. Wear a super short mini dress.
  3. Overdo it with the makeup.
  4. Wear joggers or thongs.
  5. Forget your fascinator!

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