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What to Wear to a Country Wedding

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If you’ve ever been invited to a country wedding, chances are at first glance the invitation may make you feel a little perplexed as the age old question of ‘what do I wear’ comes to mind! No need to stress ladies as GlamCorner is here to help. The key to success in this scenario would be to consider the surrounding elements as this will make it much easier to choose an appropriate outfit. Everything from venue details (indoor/outdoor event), terrain conditions (uneven grassed surfaces) to overcast skies (skin protection) should be considered when picking your outfit.

Then, of course, there is the wedding theme to consider which can also help in deciphering the dress code! If the invitation states ‘outdoor garden ceremony’ then the theme would suggest that whimsical floral prints may be a great option for you. Another great tip is to always keep in mind what season the wedding will be held in. A summer country wedding would call for light and free flowing fabrics, whereas a winter wedding may require you to consider slightly darker coloured options. Whether you’re headed to a traditional wedding or perhaps a slightly more modern event, your mind will be put at ease with our Top 5 Trends ready for you to try at your next countryside wedding!

Top 5 Trends To Try At Your Next Country Wedding

1. The A-line Silhouette

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Nothing makes you feel more womanly and comfortable than an elegantly feminine A-line silhouette! The perfect balance between modern styling and classic tailoring, an A-line silhouette offers you a gracefully gorgeous look. Timeless in appearance, this glamorous look will not only leave you feeling regal but also offer you the desired comfort you require for a daytime country-style look!

2. Daytime Florals

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Keep true to country form with a flirty floral dress at your upcoming wedding event! Although an obvious choice, the floral dress is a great way to instantly encapsulate and complement the countryside spirit. For an indulgent ethereal vibe opt for a pastel coloured print and delicately draped fabric textures. To complete your femininely floral look, add a pair of suede wedged heels (perfect for a heavily grassed surface).

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3. The Collar Dress

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Sweeten up your style with a beautifully classic collar dress. Known as the quintessential ‘signature Chanel’ look, a high neck collar dress will make you feel timeless whilst keeping up to date with an all-round elegant fashion trend. Get a luxe semi-formal daytime look, perfect for your upcoming wedding function. Balance your overall look with a feature sleeve design and mini length hemline.

4. Perfect Pleats

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Do you consider yourself to be ‘the edgier fashionista’ of your group? Not sold on the obvious choice of soft flowing florals and classic A-line skirts? We’ll then this one is for you! For a slightly more modern touch, add a textured pleat feature. This will offer you a dynamical edge and slightly more evolved contemporary style. Keep it fresh and bold at your next countryside wedding in a plethora of pleats!

5. Relaxed Fit Maxi

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Indulge in a free flowing opulent maxi dress for your next countryside wedding! Known as the all-round boho staple, the maxi dress can offer you the relaxed daytime look you desire. The key to pulling off this luxe daytime look is making sure your maxi skirt is the right length for your height and body shape. Also, selecting a style with a centre front split will add comfort and ease in movement. For an ethereal inspired look choose a green toned maxi and for an extra touch of femininity add a floral embellished fedora!

Do’s and Don’ts

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Do Go Neutral

Although traditionally most people would say that as a wedding guest you should avoid wearing white at all cost, in recent times it has become more and more socially acceptable to choose this hue as a colour option. The key to pulling it off is to make sure you choose a cream based or ivory white colour tone, rather than a true white hue.

TIP:For an understated sophisticated style try not to overly embellish your look and remember midi length works best!

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Accessories

Remember you are ultimately dressing for a celebration, so have a little fun with your accessory choices. Try teaming up your free flowing relaxed floral maxi with a pair of oversized drop earrings and complement your full A-line skirt by holding a glamorous metallic clutch. It’s all in the detail so don’t be afraid to set the countryside tone through your accessories.

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TIP: If your dress already has a lot going on, choose minimalist accessories for a subtle statement.

Do Take a Jacket

Countryside means inland, therefore expect cooler nights especially in the winter months. Chances are when that sun sets if you don’t have something to throw over your shoulders you’re going to freeze. So be sensible and plan ahead, always take a jacket or throw with you to ensure you keep warm. For an elegant winter look try a faux fur coat or shrug.

TIP:Try adding a jacket with texture for a contrasting effect! Stick with a basic colourway such as camel, black or navy.

Don’t Overdo It On The Makeup

While having the perfect hair and makeup will ultimately complete your overall look and make you feel your best, try to keep in mind that less is generally more. Particularly in this instance where the event is more than likely to take place outdoors, a softer, more natural makeup look will work better with external lighting properties.

TIP: For a youthfully organic glow, keep it fresh faced. When it doubt, a swipe of mascara and adding a dash of sweet peach gloss to your lips will do the trick!

Do Choose a Wedge or Thick Heeled Shoe

This one should be a no brainer ladies! When it comes to a countryside environment always remember to pick the appropriate shoe. Trust us you’ll be thanking us as you sit back, cringefully watching another rookie guest brave the grass/paved walkway ever so desperately trying not to fall flat on their face.

Tip: Be smart, brave the elements in style by wearing a shoe with a thicker heel or wedge!

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