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Top 5 Makeup Looks To Channel When Wearing Red

A red dress is the perfect way to be bold at your next formal event. Though, in saying that, we are always faced with the question ‘how do I style myself gorgeous in red without looking overdone?’ Explore a range of options from the red colour palette such as hues of bold crimson, rich ruby and warm burgundy tones and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd this formal event season.

The alluring red dress is no doubt the ultimate show stopper, but when it comes to makeup it can get a tad tricky. There is a fine line between ‘oh so chic’ and ‘oh so bleak’ and this tends to make women a little reluctant to confidently wear this beautiful vibrant colour. Fear no more! We’re here to walk you through our top 5 makeup looks to perfectly complement your bold red dress at your next formal function. Find the right look to match your style and feel red carpet ready.

1. Red On Red

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In creating the ultimate chic look, the bold red lip is key. Flirty and fun in style, the perfect red lip is the true definition of old Hollywood glamour. Be sure to keep all features simple and let your lips do all the talking. Use a light shadow on the eyelids as this will help make your eyelashes appear longer and your eyeliner stand out effortlessly. If you are unsure as to which shade of red lipstick best suits your complexion, try sticking to the bluish red-shades as they are generally known for suiting most skin types. A lot of the time people are reluctant to try emulating that ‘red on red’ look from fear of it looking too heavy and overdone. Keep in mind when emulating this style that the tone of red you use looks best when matching the hue of the dress you are wearing. For example, avoid wearing a fiery red shade of lipstick with a burgundy dress.

2. Smokey Eyes

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Rich smokey eyes offer you an effortlessly demure look. Soft smokey eyes are the perfect balance between subtle, strong and sweet styling, and create a warm smouldering look. When creating a smokey eye look, the best colours to opt for are black or grey eyeshadows. In this look however, we take it one step further and play with rich wine tones to complement your burgundy red dress and channel a super sultry look. Usually people steer clear of the elusive smokey eye look for fear of it clashing with the intensity of colour in the dress, however if done properly a smokey eye can give off just the right amount of drama to complement your look. The important thing to remember is to keep your face and lips simple for this look to be more chic than cheap. To complete the look, add a shade of nude lipstick.

3. Contrasting Lip

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Definitely not a look for the faint hearted, the contrasting lip is sure to have you feeling like the confident bold women you know you are. The key to this look is to keep it balanced by choosing two colours that are equally as vibrant. Consider that the colours you select are from the same colour spectrum, meaning you use two colors that have the same colour balance, for example red violet, red orange, etc.Also a great tip to consider when contemplating wearing a bold shade of colour, is to make sure your lips are smooth and exfoliated. Having dry chapped lips are a big ‘no no’, so prep in advance and exfoliate using a dry toothbrush to scrub away dry flaky skin. Once you have exfoliated, apply a layer of clear lip balm as a base coat to moisturise lips before applying your final lip colour.

4. Sun-Kissed Beauty

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The sun-kissed look is the perfect way to complement your bold outfit choice. A fresh faced mineral makeup look works fantastically well, as it doesn’t take away any of the focus from your vibrant red dress and generally is flattering for almost all skin tones. Think shimmering coral shades to create extra warmth and mineral glow powder for added dimension and illumination. Accentuate your cheekbones with bronzed powders and hydrate your lips with shiny tinted gloss to create a glamourous feel. Sheer tinted moisturisers are also a great way to add a glow to your complexion and make you look young and fun. For a dramatic contrasting look, line your eyelids with a dark black liner and finish with a voluminous black mascara for defined lashes and you’ll feel beautifully sun-kissed in no time.

5. Naturally Nude

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The aim in accomplishing a flawless naturally nude look is to consider that your skin complements your outfit. That means, by applying a light mineral powder to your face, beige matte eyeshadow and a sheer nude gloss to your lips you allow the dress to speak for itself rather than challenge your outfit. The key to achieving this look is investing in a good base to give you that flawless skin finish or, if you are already genetically blessed and have clear and radiant skin, all you need is a light tinted moisturiser. By highlighting each feature subtlety, you remain effortlessly chic and avoid losing elegance, making your muted make-up a perfect complement to the bold colour of your dress. When styling your red dress look the general rule to remember to avoid looking overdone is to steer clear of overly heavy makeup. A great tip when selecting a makeup look is to remember to highlight either your eyes or lips, never both. And if all else fails, when in doubt – less is more! So whether you are attending or hosting your next event, these top makeup tips and tricks will have you feeling fabulously luxe at your special function. Feel like the ultimate super woman with our read on how to style yourself makeup perfect while wearing red.

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