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10 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Dress Necklines

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As a wedding guest in the lead up to a wedding function we always think about finding the perfect dress. However once we find ‘the one’, most of us struggle to choose a hairstyle that will complete our special occasion look.

Take yourself from zero to hero as we focus on channelling ten hairstyles to perfectly match the ten most popular dress necklines of all time. You’ll be sure to find the right hairstyle to complement your dress for your next wedding event. Step up your wedding guest style – see our 10 hairstyles to match the most popular neckline styles below.

1. For Sweetheart Necklines -Choose Loose Curls

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Choosing a strapless dress will help frame your face and accentuate your collarbones. A sweetheart neckline is the perfect accompaniment to soft free flowing curls, perfect for that effortless girl next door look. The ideal balance between contemporary and classic, this style will wear all day long and is easy to DIY at home.

2. For Scoop Necklines - Choose A Pinned Back Hairstyle

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This classic scoop neckline offers you the opportunity to show off your shoulders, therefore a pinned back updo is the best way to go. Choose a tight curl to pin back as it will offer you texture and create the added drama you need.

3. For High Collar Necklines - Choose A High Updo

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To complement your high neck gown, you simply can’t go past a polished high updo. This hairstyle allows the neckline of the dress to be on display. After all, the high neck is a prominent part of the dress design.For a chic style, complete your look in minutes with a sleek polished bun next time you wear a high collar dress.

4. For Plunge V-Necklines - Choose A Low Ponytail

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The plunging v-neckline is not for the faint of heart, offering a sexy glimpse of cleavage. To complement this glamorous look, keep it simple and opt for an elegant low ponytail.This classic style will give you the drama you desire without being too OTT!

5. For Off-The-Shoulder Necklines -Choose A Side Curl

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For a Hollywood glam look, the sleek side pinned curl is an easy way to take your off-the-shoulder outfit to the next level. An off-the-shoulder style is a great way to keep it retro and show off your collarbones.Keep things fresh, fun and flirty with this easy to achieve look at your next wedding function.

6. For Halter Necklines - Choose A Low Bun Updo

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The halter neckline is a great style to opt for as it narrows the shoulders and accentuates the bust. Needless to say, you really don’t need much more other than an understated low bun to complement this bold neckline. This simple but striking look will have you channelling your inner super model.

7. For Spaghetti Strap Necklines - Choose A Sleek Pull-Back

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Aaaaah the spaghetti strap neckline! Simple and chic are definitely two words that come to mind when we focus on this look. The best way to finish off this style is with a super sleek pulled-back hairstyle.For effortless 90’s style, you can’t go past this bold look which is bound to thrill.

8. For Grecian Necklines Choose A Voluminous High Plait

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Bare your shoulders and feel like a true goddess in a Grecian neckline gown at your next special function. This look is perfectly styled with a pinned up voluminous ponytail featuring plaits or braids.

9. For Asymmetric Necklines Choose A Side Parted Updo

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The asymmetric neckline is the go-to style stunner for all occasions as there are so many ways you can style this look. Feel regal and as light as a feather by opting for a side parted low updo to soften the angles and lines of the one-shoulder strap. The key thing to remember is that hair styled on the opposite side of the shoulder strap generally works the best.

10. For Illusion Necklines - Choose A Wavy Ponytail

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The best accompanying hairstyle for an illusion neckline is a voluminous wavy mid-height ponytail. This allows the sheer neckline detailing to be showcased and celebrated. So whether you choose to go with a polished updo or free flowing hairstyle, the ultimate key to feeling fabulous at your next wedding day function is to work with what you have. Understanding your hair, it’s texture, it’s hold and it’s weight is essential, but have fun with it! For more great event hairstyle tips visit our ‘6 Hairstyles for a Cocktail Party’ blog post.

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