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Bridesmaid Designer Dress Hire in North Queensland – Customer Story

Our beautiful bride Marama decided to rent the ‘Valentine Gown – Mushroom’ by Grace & Hart for her bridesmaids to wear at her wedding in far North Queensland earlier this year. Featuring a fine lace-detailed pattern and a stunning bodycon fit, this style is a timeless classic that is perfect for an Autumn wedding! Read more about her amazing wedding below.

Tell us about the occasion and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?

In March this year, our wedding was held in Far North QLD (Atherton Tablelands- Yungaburra). Given that the occasion was formal, I wanted to make sure that my bridesmaids looked elegant, classy and sexy. I looked online for inspiration and narrowed down my options which happened to be designer dresses that ticked all of the boxes. After all, this was going to be one of the most important days of my life. I didn’t want to settle for low-quality dresses and forever regret it.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

This particular dress retails at about $380, so with 6 bridesmaids, there was no way that I could have afforded to dress them in the dress that I had envisioned them in. As I had previously rented a dress through Glamcorner and was aware of how simple it was to do so at a fraction of the price of buying new, it really seemed quite obvious that renting would be the perfect option for me. I also cringed at the thought of having such beautiful and expensive dresses sitting in cupboards never to be worn again because the opportunity may have never arisen for the girls to do so.

What made you choose this dress and Designer? Have you ever purchased from this designer before?

I had rented a Grace & Hart dress from Glamcorner in 2017 and I was so impressed with the design and fit of it, that I went searching for a similar dress for my bridesmaids. When I came across the Valentine dress in the mushroom colour, I knew straight away that it was the perfect dress for our special day as it matched our countryside wedding setting and colour scheme. I emailed a picture of the dress to all 6 of my bridesmaids and they all adored it. I have never purchased a Grace & Hart dress directly from the designer as its price range exceeds what I would be able to pay for a dress for a one-off occasion.

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Was this your first time renting a dress? If so, what made you consider it?

No, it wasn’t. I had rented a dress from Glamcorner in 2017 for the first time as I was attending a formal ball and I didn’t want to pay a large sum of money for a dress that I was only going to wear once.

How did you come across GlamCorner?

I had heard of online dress renting, so I inquired further and came across the Glamcorner website which had a huge range of dresses to choose from. I spent hours scrolling through all of the beautiful dresses to try and find the perfect dress for my bridesmaids. And I found it.

Did you enjoy your overall experience from beginning to end with GlamCorner? Would you recommend us to other women?

I would highly recommend using Glamcorner (and I already have) to other women because of the ease of using the service, as well as the high quality of the dresses and excellent communication with staff when needed. I hired 5 of the 6 bridesmaid dresses from Glamcorner which is a little out of the ordinary for Glamcorner (i believe), however, when I emailed them to let them know about my needs, they jumped straight onto it and made it all happen for me well ahead of time. I initially ordered the dress in 2 different sizes to try them on first. This process was just as simple as hiring the dresses, and it helped my bridesmaids and I to understand the fit of them and whether we were making the right decision. The dresses turned up a couple of days earlier than expected which was a lovely surprise as it eased the general worries of a wedding. The day after the wedding, we popped the uncleaned dresses into the return postage bag and sent them on their way. It really couldn’t have been any easier, and boy where my bridesmaids HOT on the day! 3 months later and the compliments are still coming in hot ????

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Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us, Marama! These photos are so beautiful and you and your bridesmaids looked stunning. We wish you all the best for your future with your hubby! xx

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