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March 27, 2019

GC Premium is a new service offering that we’ve recently introduced by popular customer request. With GC Premium, we’re helping our customers breathe new life into their everyday wardrobe – and all without the burden of ownership!In this blog post, our customers share their GC Premium experience and how it’s helping them look their best while being kind to their wallets and also to the environment.

wearing Sheike – Clementine Jumpsuit

Why GC Premium?Since joining GC Premium, I find myself buying fewer clothes so it doesn’t clutter up my wardrobe. GlamCorner has a fantastic service where you can have a dedicated stylist that can recommend items of clothing for you. So if you’re stuck, someone can recommend what you might like and give it a go.How has it changed your life?Whilst I still get my retail therapy fix; it’s been so exciting to be able to try on the clothes and wear new items regularly. I’ve also had the opportunity to wear designer clothes I wouldn’t normally be able to afford such as Ginger and Smart, Zimmermann, Camilla and Marc.Describe GC Premium in one sentenceAccess to great designer clothes and being able to wear a new item every week in an environmentally sustainable way.Why rent over buy?I would rent over buying because renting gives you the ability to still get your retail therapy fix. You still get to wear some amazing clothes every week, whilst you’re not clogging up your wardrobe with clothes that wear once. Being able to wear something, send it back, share the love and let someone else wear it as well. It’s a really environmentally sustainable way of wearing clothes.

wearing Mossman – Secret Garden Blazer, Nicholas the Label – Crepe Corset Jumpsuit

Why GC Premium?I first discovered GC Premium through an email and it was probably the best day of my life. I stopped work and found out I’ve got unlimited clothes for only $150 a month. It’s ridiculous! My life is made. There’s no turning back.How has it changed your life?My shopping habits have changed dramatically where I no longer visit the shops for clothes. I get to look two weeks ahead as to what all my events are; social, special and work occasions. I then, choose three items that I know that will get me across all of those events. I take 10 minutes to go through the website and send my order across and I’m done!Why do you choose to rent over buy?I choose to rent over buying my clothes for three reasons. Sustainability, cost and time. GC saves me time because I’m not at the shops in my valuable spare time. It saves me money because I’m not buying things that don’t look good on me out of the shops and don’t fit me properly.Describe your GC experience in one sentence.My GC Premium experience has been freeing.

wearing Rebecca Vallance – Dahlia Mini Dress – Black

Why GC Premium?I’m not very fashion forward so one of the benefits of being on GC Premium is that you’re constantly looking at the modern styles. It has raised my awareness of the Australian designers and the fashion world.How has it changed your life?I find that I’m shopping more effectively. I don’t go to shopping centres, which I’m not a big fan of. Now, when I’m travelling on the train to work, I’m actually selecting my next outfits. I feel more organised and it’s also quite fun looking at the different designs and planning my next wardrobe.Describe GC Premium in one sentenceIt’s been quite an effortless journey in terms of how you can just shop online and visualise all of your outfits. You can just research and plan your wardrobe.

wearing Elliatt – Serene Dress

Why GC Premium? Before I became a GC Premium customer, I would wear a traditional suit to work. Now I have expanded my range of clothing to include a lot of bright coloured dresses, different textures and fabrics. I definitely turn heads when I come into the office where people question what I am wearing. But I am more inclined to try different styles, colours, and shapes! That’s been the real benefit for me since joining GC Premium. Basically, the quest to look for something new and different; it’s met with GlamCorner.How has it changed your life?I often have last requirements for a cocktail dress, a ball gown or simply a night out. I would usually scurry around to find a dress but now I’m a lot more organised and I always have more than one option. So I’m never caught with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment. I very rarely shop unless it’s something that I’ve really been coveting or a consistent brand that I’ve always bought. But now all of my needs have been met by GlamCorner.Describe GC Premium in one sentence.It’s a combination of convenience, style, sophistication and professionalism.Why do you choose to rent over buy?Convenience. But also on an environmental perspective, I really love the concept where I am able to have something that is going to be worn over and over. Particularly because the fashion world changes so quickly. I also like having access to brands that I wouldn’t be able to source myself as well as a wide selection of styles.

wearing Pasduchas – Romy Midi Dress – Ruby

Why GC Premium? As I’ve been changing shape due to my pregnancy, I found it harder to fit into my normal wardrobe. I’ve bought about four maternity dresses and I rotate through those as my staples and then I supplement variety with what comes through GC Premium.How has it changed your life?I buy a lot fewer things because I don’t feel the need to buy things just to add variety to my wardrobe. From the point of view of facing a changing body, you can buy a whole lot of new things that I’m really only going to wear for a short period of time. Or I can try something that’s a little different for me and wear it while it fits and then I could go back to my wardrobe after!Describe GC Premium in one sentence.It’s convenient and flexible.

wearing Ginger and Smart – Modulate Dress with Sleeve

Why GC Premium? I knew that GlamCorner has exceptional customer service and they’re always responsive. It almost feels like I’m talking to a friend on the other end via email or by phone. They’ve always been helpful so I knew GlamCorner is a trusted brand. I knew that opting for GC Premium I would have access to wonderful styles at the touch of my fingertips.How has it changed your life?It has changed in a way that I would have never imagined. I no longer spend hours on end online shopping which usually results in buyers remorse. I have limited wardrobe space and so I go on GC Premium, select the pieces and get them delivered to me and I’ve not looked back since. I have not purchased anything new this year and so everything’s from GC Premium.Describe GC Premium in one sentence.My GC Premium experience to date has been exceptional. I’m loving being a GC Premium customer and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s been life-changing.Why do you choose to rent over buy?I have very limited storage space and I also love having access to designers that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford or have access to. GlamCorner does all the shopping for me and it’s very easy to use.

wearing Shona Joy – Atticus Linen Blazer, Sir the Label – Bellagio One Shoulder Top

Describe GC Premium in one sentence.GC Premium is having the biggest closet, unlimited, whenever you want, delivered to your doorstep.Why do you choose to rent over buy?I prefer renting over buying because I realised that I was wearing clothing pieces once and spending so much money. I tried selling them online and it was very time-consuming. But now I can rent unlimited clothes for all my occasions such as weekends, weddings and work wear.

We would like to thank our beautiful customers: Corinna, Helen, Jessica, Theresa, Narelle, Amelia and Nicole for participating in our Customer Campaign and sharing their encouraging stories with us. We are truly thankful for their words of encouragement and for the community that we have here at GlamCorner.GC Premium (Beta) is changing the way our customers think about their wardrobes! From only $99/month you can have access to unlimited rentals for work, weekends and beyond on rotation! Learn more about our GC Premium membership offer here.

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