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Engagement Party Dress Hire in Canberra – Customer Story

Our beautiful bride-to-be customer Shannon wore the ‘Tea Party Mini Dress‘ by Thurley to her engagement party at the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens in Canberra. Perfect for any day time event, this style features long bell-sleeves and a playful tiered skirt. Read more about her experience below.

Tell us about the engagement party and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?
My fiancé and I held our engagement party at the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens in Canberra one afternoon in April. Being my engagement party, I was looking for something affordable, feminine, fun and a little bit special that would stand out from the crowd. I felt it was a particularly special occasion that deserved a particularly special dress. I’m only going to get engaged once and with this thought I decided it was the perfect opportunity to find a dress I really loved that would make me feel amazing while wearing it! At the time of my engagement party I received never ending compliments on the beautiful dress I was wearing making me feel absolutely amazing and so pleased that I made the decision to rent it!

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

The reason that I found renting a dress for my engagement party so appealing was purely because I wanted the opportunity to wear something amazing that would make me look and feel beautiful. While this can achievable no matter the budget, I felt that this occasion was particularly special and why not spend a totally affordable amount to wear something amazing!

What made you choose this dress and Designer? Have you ever purchased from this designer before?

This dress was exactly what I was looking for, the perfect amount of feminine and fun while also being really elegant and classy without looking like I was overdoing it for an afternoon tea. Before GlamCorner I hadn’t even heard of Thurley! But the moment I looked at the dresses GlamCorner had available there were a few Thurley dresses that caught my eye because of how different yet perfectly flattering they are. After taking a closer look at the Tea Party Mini Dress, the abundance of positive reviews and photos of many other girls looking beautiful in it sealed the deal.

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Was this your first time renting a dress? If so, what made you consider it?

This was the first time I had ever hired a dress and I didn’t know of any friends or family that had ever tried it either. But it was the endless amount of options all for a totally achievable price that really drew me in. In-addition to that, I am a big fan of the idea of sustainable fashion and I can’t think of any better way to contribute to such an awesome movement than to rent a dress! The other big plus for me was the option of ordering a backup dress and the fact that if your dresses arrived and you weren’t happy with them then you were guaranteed a refund of the hire cost. The hardest part I found was then choosing between the two amazing dresses I received!

How did you come across GlamCorner?

GlamCorner showed up in my results when I was on one of my searching sprees to find the perfect dress for my engagement party. Initially I was reluctant to look too closely at the idea of hiring a dress as all I could imagine was receiving an over used dress that looked well worn but once I began to cruise through the abundance of options that suited exactly what I was looking for and began to read some of the reviews that other customers of GlamCorner had made I totally changed my mind. Hiring a dress became the best option available!

Did you enjoy your overall experience from beginning to end with GlamCorner? Would you recommend us to other women?

I enjoyed every moment of my experience with GlamCorner! Every time I needed help there was someone ready via instant chat on their website to answer any questions I had. They were always really friendly and willing to help however they could. The whole GlamCorner website is laid out brilliantly too, making finding what you’re looking for. or even what you don’t know you’re looking for, really easy! The purchase process is effortless and within 24 hours of my order being placed I had my dress and my backup dress at my house ready for me to make a decision. Both of the dresses were in mint condition looking like no one had even touched them prior to me. Wrapping the dress up after wearing it and putting it straight into a postage bag and into a mail box was also so easy without the worry of cleaning it! I will definitely continue to recommend GlamCorner to everyone! You are guaranteed an amazing product, of an extremely high quality that you are paying a fraction of the retail price for. I cannot think of anything about GlamCorner that’s not to love!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Shannon! You looked absolutely stunning and we wish you all the best for your future and for your upcoming wedding ????

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