How Premium Saves You Money (And The Planet!)

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September 12, 2019

Join GlamCorner Premium to lower your footprint while still stepping out in style!

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It’s Just The Beginning… Of The End To Product Ownership

Music and film subscription services have freed us from piles of junk, sending our physical media into the omnipresent internet stream somewhere. We can start our day reading the news on The Guardian app, head to work streaming Spotify, while wondering what Netflix can offer in the evening. These require no physical media other than your existing smart device, and more easily than ever can we find new releases and rarities with the same ease as finding our reliable favourites. We’re all saving money in the long run without the stress of clutter and without the environmental consequence of disposal.

Declutter Your Wardrobe With GlamCorner Premium

This paradigm shift now applies to clothes; your wardrobe need only be a few items deep, with the rest being handled by our GlamCorner Premium subscription rental service. With over 1500 styles from over 100 labels, GlamCorner Premium promises you’re forever discovering new looks while accessing the classic must-haves for daywear and work needs. This is a new and exclusive collection separate from our occasion-based rentals. If you’ve ever imagined the ultimate, endless wardrobe à la Cher’s giant closet from Clueless (without ending up overwhelmed in a pile of clothes), then GlamCorner Premium is for you.

Save Money In Style With Two Membership Offers

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Standard Subscription: $99/Month

Premium differs from our traditional on-demand service in that a flat monthly cost of $99 will get you three exclusive designer styles sent to your door in a single box. As long as you’re subscribed, you can keep these for as long as you like, or can switch the lot with three new items at your leisure (limited to one box per month). Think of it as an endlessly revolving wardrobe with new designer garments. The Premium library boasts styles more versatile than our occasion-based offerings, including this Original Jean Jacket from Nobody Denim and Be Mine Bomber from Bec + Bridge for casual times, work-appropriate pieces like the Rae Blazer from Finders Keepers and the Laneway Midi Dress from Wish, and floaty playsuits like this Zippy Necktie from Zimmermann and Ava Floral from Sheike, to name a small few.

Unlimited Subscription: $149/Month

If you’re one to renew your look every time you leave the house, you can save big with our Unlimited option; $149 per month lends you the three-item box as described, but with infinite swaps at any time.And with free express postage, you can rock a new wardrobe every week with GlamCorner Premium. Like our on-demand service, GlamCorner handles all shipping, returns, and cleaning, and our work with TerraCycle ensures all parcels and packaging satchels get recycled.


Why A GlamCorner Premium Subscription Works For You

Save Money Every Month

As you build your box, you’ll notice dime pieces such as Where Ever You Go by Trelise Cooper and Gatsby Blazer by Moss And Spy available under the same flat rate despite such styles retailing at $849 and $645, respectively. If you nab these two alongside something more standard like the Dahlia Mini Dress In Black by Rebecca Vallance (RRP $499), you’ve got your everyday outfit, workwear, and a party getup all in a single box worth almost $2k for only $99 or $149 depending on your subscription.

Unlimited Plan = Unlimited Swaps

If you’re on our Unlimited plan, feel free to swap these items out as many times as you wish, or hang on to them forever; It works similar to a gym membership with a monthly fee regardless of how you wish to take advantage of it. If you want to share the love (and frugality), we also have a refer-a-friend deal with $20 discounts for all involved; just email your dedicated stylist with your friend’s contact deets and have them sign up to receive the benefits.

An Endless Wardrobe Without Needing To Shop

Furthermore, this box is sent straight from our warehouse to your door. Gone are the headaches of navigating maze-like boutiques to find something that isn’t available in your size (or budget); our dedicated stylists have encyclopaedic knowledge of the ever-growing GlamCorner Premium collection and can recommend pieces based on your personal style and size.

Do It For The Environment

A sequin gown or occasion-specific dress which you’d normally buy once and never touch again can get a good 30-40 wears from women nationwide through GlamCorner before being sold or donated. With our Premium service now extending the GC library to include everyday styles and work-friendly wear, less purchasing for everyone means even less landfill! We handle dry cleaning in bulk with eco-friendly cycles, and use 100% recyclable postage and packaging. These efforts have also led to GlamCorner achieving B Corp Certification. Learn more about our B Corp Certification here, and be sure to sign up to our ever-growing GlamCorner Premium Collection starting at just $99/month!

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