Planning Your Engagement Party: Finding The Venue

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now – where will you and your partner celebrate with family and friends? There’s loads to consider when choosing an engagement party venue, but the team at Venuemob have the know-how to make it a stress-free breeze (with a killer party at the end).

The question’s been popped, tears have been shed, and you’ve been inundated with love and excitement. Bring on the engagement party!

The next step is one of the most important parts of planning an engagement party: choosing a venue. Your venue choice will influence a number of aspects of the event itself – from guest numbers to dress code, from the menu to the all-important outfit – so it’s a big decision.

That said, planning your engagement party is much, MUCH less stressful than planning a wedding. Our advice is to lean into that sense of fun. Even if it isn’t as potentially debaucherous as a hens or bucks night!

First things first: Know your non-negotiables

Here’s a hot tip straight from the Venuemob team: ALWAYS know your ‘must-haves’ when planning an event or choosing a function venue.

There’s always a difference between what you’d ‘love to have’ at your venue, and what you simply cannot budge on.

Is it location? Is it the date of your engagement party, or perhaps the budget you’re working with? Is it catering styles or restrictions? Perhaps it’s a particular style of venue, a completely exclusive space, or accessibility requirements.

All of these are valid, but knowing exactly what your ‘must-haves’ are will make each of the following steps so much easier.

Next: Find a venue that really embodies you and your partner

Your engagement party’s all about you and your partner – it’s a celebration of you as a couple! So Venuemob’s advice is to hone in on a venue that is a reflection of the type of good time YOU want to have.

The venue you pick will influence the overall vibe of the party to the little aesthetic details, from invitations to your outfit choices. And of course, you want to make sure your Glamcorner look on the night is absolutely en pointe!

Perhaps your ideal venue is an exclusive rooftop venue with an incredible view. If you and your partner are foodies, look for venues with a reputation for incredible food – or a function space attached to a notable restaurant.

On the other hand, you may be a couple that wants to party long into the night (and after the older crowd has left the building). Look into your usual weekend haunts and ask the venue what their function options are, or investigate a semi-exclusive section of a fun bar.

Of course, narrowing down the options – and finding amazing venues in the first place – can take hours and hours. This is the perfect time to utilise an online service like Venuemob, complete with minimum spend information, plenty of images, and a direct line to each venue.

What about decorations and styling?

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If you’re keeping an eye on your budget (which is fair – weddings are expensive), an easy way to save on decorating and styling your venue is to choose a space that’s already styled or themed.

And we don’t necessarily mean ‘themed’ like a tiki bar or ‘under the sea’ – although if that’s your jam, amazing! Choosing a beautifully designed venue, a space filled with greenery, or even a sleek industrial-chic function space will mean the work’s done for you. Think mid-century style cocktail bars, an indoor/outdoor garden space, or even a zany, out-there surprise.

If you’re the crafty type? All power to you! You’re in prime position to make the most of one of 2018’s most popular venue trends: ‘blank space’ venues, and converted warehouses. While they take a little more effort in hiring furniture and setting up things like festoon lighting, the end effect is bound to be breathtaking.

What about food and booze?

Since you know your ‘must-haves’, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what you’d love your venue to provide catering-wise.

Keen to save those dollars? Opt for a bar tab and cash bar arrangement with the venue. Once the tab runs out, your guests can hit the bar to their heart’s content.

Want the most bang (booze) for your buck? Chat to the venue about beverage package options. That means unlimited drinks from a set menu, for a specified duration. You’ll pay per person, but that means four or so hours of maximum good times.

Food-wise, platters and canapé service will stretch your budget further – especially platters.

If you’re planning on providing your own food always double check with the venue. A popular option is to arrange a few canapés for each guest via the venue, then to bring your own dessert table.

Before you book your venue:

  1. Ask for options! Most venues worth their salt will be able to tailor something specifically for you and your partner.
  2. Double check the venue’s capacity! If you’re using an exclusive space and you have a large guest list, double check your guests will fit comfortably. Occasionally venues will play fast and loose with ‘maximum capacity’ numbers.
  3. Don’t forget the little details! Will you need a table for gifts, and will the venue be able to provide one? Same goes for music – double check whether the venue can accommodate an iPod or laptop connection, or that DJ setup you were planning on bringing.
  4. ALWAYS check out the venue in person. Ask the venue for a site inspection to see in person how a space will accommodate your guests, and what the venue team is like.

And now that you have booked a venue?

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Enjoy, and have an absolute ball!

Venuemob connects event planners – that’s you! – with over 4,000 of Australia’s top event spaces. Time to find and book the perfect engagement party venue? >>

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