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Summer Black Tie Wedding Designer Dress Hire in Adelaide – Customer Story

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January 21, 2019

Our beautiful customer Isobel decided to wear the ‘Season Upgrade’ dress by Asilio to her friend’s wedding in Adelaide. Featuring floral lace and a bell-sleeve design, this dress is for those who want to make a statement! Read more about Isobel’s experience below.

Tell us about the occasion and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?

I rented this dress for my close friends Summer Black Tie Wedding on her family’s property in Adelaide. I picked the dress based on the dress code, fit and wow factor.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

My husband and I attended 12 weddings in 2018. I work full time and can’t keep up with the outfits needed to attend all the events. I’ve rented a dress for almost every wedding. It means I can keep my outfit different and I don’t have to worry about dry cleaning it afterwards!

What made you choose this dress and Designer? Have you ever purchased from this designer before?

I chose this dress by looking through items I liked that were available in my size and that fitted the dress code. I always look at other customer reviews to see what the dress looks like on ‘real women’ and what they think about the sizing. No I haven’t purchased from the designer before.

Was this your first time renting a dress? If so, what made you consider it?

No, I’ve been renting dresses for over a year now and have recently signed up to GlamCorner Premium!

Did you enjoy your overall experience from beginning to end with GlamCorner? Would you recommend us to other women?

I highly rate the service provided by GlamCorner!! I always get comments from people about my dresses/outfit and always refer them on using the discount code so we both benefit! It takes a lot of stress out of attending events.

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