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Summer Makeup Ideas For A Pool Party

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October 21, 2016

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Knowing how to style your Summer makeup can be really confusing. Even the most beauty-product-savvy of us still seem to have the “which product is best” battle come the turn of seasons. Going from super cold climates to extreme heat and humidity means changing most of our makeup bag is definitely in order.While the most organised of us have one makeup kit for Winter and another for Summer, year after year, bigger and better things come out that we MUST have. Because, well, having the perfect pool party Summer makeup is just as necessary as your outfit itself.So, to make your life that little bit easier, we’ve come up with 5 of our top Summer makeup ideas for a pool party that’ll ensure your lips, eyes and face stay in place all day long. Including post dip!

Go Nude all Over

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Image Source: PinterestKeep it simple by going nude from bottom to top. The perfect way to get that completely ‘nude’ look? Use a BB cream for a silky smooth, easily reapplied, base. No need for anything more than a quick flick of some waterproof mascara, a dab of flesh coloured gloss, and maybe a pinch of natural toned bronzer along the cheekbones and you’re ready to go.Allow for your natural complexion to come through, drawing inspiration from all the surfer babes with their perfectly sun-kissed complexion. Summer makeup ready for a pool party in just a couple of easy steps!

Colourful Eye Liner

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Image Source: HanannaMaintaining the fresh faced look of a nude base, spice it up with a thin line of colour across your lids. Be it with eyeliner or eyeshadow, opt for a softer palette that works with your skin tones.Darker skin colourings should go for the lighter end of the spectrum: think yellows, greens and brighter oranges. While paler skin tones should opt for purples, blues and even a touch of a bolder pink. Opting for a new summer makeup trend like this, will have you turning heads at the pool party for all the right reasons.

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Double Team Your Gloss

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Image Source: PinterestDon’t be afraid to use the same gloss you use on your lips as a highlighter, or even as an eyeshadow, too. The sun will reflect off it better, making your entire face look dewy, not sparkly. Dab it on the inner corners of the eyes, and in a C-shape at the temples, around your brows.Trust us when we say a bit of ‘faux’ glow can go a long way!

Do Dark and Dreamy

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Image Source: StyleCasterDark lips aren’t only reserved for the cooler winter months. Take some Autumn/Winter makeup inspiration and transport it to your pool party. Trust us when we say it’ll be your next best summer makeup trend.The best way to sport a darker lip in Summer is to keep the rest of your face clean and simple. Think similar ideas to what we’ve mentioned for our tips on going nude for your base. Small amounts of mascara, bronzer and a dewy base are best. Opt for deep browns, strong mauves and bold brown undertoned reds; the only accessory you’ll be needing.

Blush, Brush and Repeat

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Image Source: InstagramHere’s where you get to achieve those rosy pink cheeks without any extra effort. Perfectly sunkissed skin naturally has that enviable extra glow about it, so for those who like to stay undercover (and for those who like their blush as well) then we have the perfect little trick for you.Keeping your base easy and simple will allow the extra colour on your cheeks to really stand out. Our top tip is to have a mixture of paler pink tones as well as the peachy oranges in your blush or bronzer. Alternatively, use two palettes and mix as you go. Brush along your cheekbones and up beside your eyes, blending all the way – no one wants two pink likes across their face.

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Summer makeup right and ready for your pool party. Just sit back, relax, and sip away on those cocktails.SHOP POOL PARTY DRESSES

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