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December 10, 2015

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You are most likely to find Lisa King hidden behind a canvas. The self taught artist decided to make the transition from graphic design to painter of all forms, in order to fulfil that burning desire of turning her hobby into a career. Lisa's work is a mix of fashion, romance, indie pop culture and escapism. She took some time away from her work to speak to us about her process and passion for creating both digital and raw art.

Location: South AustraliaOccupation: Fashion illustrator / ArtistFavourite Destination: My bedFavourite Fashion Designer: Tom Ford (and Prada)Favourite Colour: Right now, cobalt blue, but always blackFavourite Outfit: Super skinny pants (jeans or leather), rolled sleeve tee, leather jacket topped with cape and Windsor Smith ankles boots; all in blackCelebrity Crush: Freja Beha and my drummer boyfriend

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GC: When did you first realise your talent for oil/ acrylic and digital painting?L: I don’t think I really have yet, however I know I utterly love what I do!

GC: Do you go through a particular process when painting your digital and canvas artwork? How long does the practical process generally take?L: I tend to try and create in a conventional manner for both areas, however I like to add organic matter to my digital work and insert things I have learnt to draw from my raw forms on canvas. A piece can take anywhere up to 2 days to 2 weeks.

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GC: Which piece of art are you most proud of and why?L: My recent mural in Adelaide was the most challenging and most successful for me. Blending on a wall 11 metres high can be quite a task. There were many moments I thought I was not going to reach my main objective and goal. However after many days of hard work and determination I was able to complete the work I had envisioned - that for me was a milestone. I hope to keep pushing boundaries with my mural work. I love contributing to businesses and public areas.

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GC: How has the use of social media and digital technology impact on the work you create?L: A great deal. I love experimenting in the digital world. The opportunities for learning, discovery and new techniques are endless! Social media spins my brain in the areas of human interaction and culture. It’s a great analytical process for subject matter and theories.

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GC: Do you have a preference over digital, canvas or mural painting?L: I love the feeling of walking away from a mural - its wonderful! But I really love sitting in my studio by myself in front of the canvas. The feeling you get from being “in the moment” so to speak is greater than anything I have ever experienced.

GC: What exciting plans do you have over the next 6 months?L: The next six months will see me launching myself interstate with some solo shows, guest speaking at a festival, and upping the anti in my mural work – that is if all goes to plan!

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