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Top 5 Makeup Styles for Bridesmaids

As a bride you want your wedding day to run flawlessly without a hitch, meaning the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, the perfect venue and the list just goes on. It goes without saying, one of the most important elements of this special day is the bridesmaid look. This ultimately sets the tone for the entire theme of the wedding which usually includes the dress, the styling, the flowers and everything else that counts in creating the perfect look.


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Long gone are the days of hideous bridesmaid styling where the bride, in a bid to make herself the focal point, would not style her bridesmaids in a respectably fashionable manner. We all remember the movie ‘27 Dresses’. I think you all know where I’m going with this and let’s face it, bigger is most certainly not better in this case.It has become fashionably relevant nowadays to be part of the bridal party. The bride is now more in tune with making the right fashion decision as it’s not only a critical reflection of the theme but more importantly of her style and taste. There seems to be a lot more on the line for the bride’s reputation when it comes to selecting her bridesmaid’s style.In this piece, we will be focusing on makeup for bridesmaids, specifically makeup for different coloured dresses and how to match the makeup style perfectly to the dress colour. Read through our top 5 makeup styles for the most commonly selected bridesmaid dress colour themes.

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  2. Makeup for pastel bridesmaid dresses needs to be simple and elegant so it doesn’t overpower the neutral colour hue of the dress. Think warm pink tones and rich burgundy highlights for the perfect way to add some subtle colour and depth to the main features of the face. For added contrast, make sure you add definition to the eyes and lips with liners. This look is perfect for most skin tones and types, giving you a fabulously understated and fresh look that will hold itself practically throughout the whole day.
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  2. Feel like the blushing belle of the ball like these beauties, Sarah Hyland and Amber Heard, with warm red colour tone accents around the eyes and cheeks. Play around with different textures such as semi glossed and sheer matte finishes for a hydrated fresh effect. Add a slightly highlighted eye and brow for extra definition of the facial features as this will add a modern edge to your look.
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  2. For a vibrantly coloured bridesmaid dress, you can’t go past bronzers and highlighters as they add an overall dynamic fresh effect to your look and are great for all day wear. Bronzers work particularly well with rich warm tones like deep reds and burnt orange. For cooler tones such as blue, purples and pinks opt for a rose toned illuminating powder. Use bronzers to highlight eyes, cheeks and collarbones for that effortless sunkissed look.
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  2. Glamorously glowing beauties such as Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington Whiteley are perfect examples of using highlighters to accentuate your features. The main aim of this look is really about the concept of less is more and working with your own natural features. A timeless makeup style bound to stand the test of time and suit most skin tones and types.
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  2. For the perfect monochromatic makeup look, work with purple-pink neutral toned colours. Use a dusty rose on your eyelid, cheeks and lips for the ultimate sweetheart look. Using a deeper tone pink colour on the outer corners of the lid will give you a winged effect. To complete your look add a generous swiping of soft pink toned lipstick to match your dress and you’ll feel as pretty as a sweet smelling rose.
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  2. Glamour girls Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie are queens of the natural look. This great look is absolutely stunning on a variety of skin tones as it does not distract from the beautiful elements of the dress. To achieve this look effortlessly, you can experiment with different illuminated brown toned powders taking care to blend and contour properly so it doesn’t look fake or too heavy.
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  2. The perfect way to dress up an elegant navy or black coloured outfit is with a bold lip. Amping up the lips gives a punchy contrast while adding drama to your makeup look. To complete this look add a smokey eyeshadow on your eyelids and dark eyeliner around the eyes. Channel an old Hollywood siren look with a balance between a clean feminine complexion look contrasted by a pop of bold colour on the lip and you’ll create the perfect harmony and feel timelessly glamorous.
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  2. Make a bold statement like Demi Lovato and Camilla Belle with a bold dark lip and you’ll be channeling your inner old Hollywood glamour girl in no time! Balance out the look with a solidly defined eye for an even more dramatic style. Shades of deep grey metallic eyeshadow will instantly add a modern edge to your look. To avoid your intensely bold eye colour fading, apply an eyeshadow primer for longer lasting wear.
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  2. This gorgeously lush metallic hue is perfect for a contrasting burst of crisp orange based red lipstick. Accentuate the lips with a bold pop of colour and complete your look with minimalist eye-makeup and a well-groomed brow. If you want to add an extra dash of sparkle, keep it limited to the eyes and opt for a sheer finish on the rest of your face. The last thing you want to do is overload on the glittered finishes as you may look more shiny disco ball and less elegant sparkler.
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  2. Be the ultimate glamazon like Natasha Poly and Rita Ora with a beautifully enhanced bold red lip. The perfect pairing to a bold metallic gown, you’ll look and feel Oscar worth in a matter of minutes. Shades of gold, copper and bronze metallic eyeshadows will compliment your glamorous bombshell look. Using bronzers and highlighters to accentuate cheekbones is the perfect way to achieve an instant glam girl look.

At GlamCorner we are big advocates of the ‘less is more’ mantra. As a bride, the key factor to remember when it comes to selecting a bridesmaid makeup look is to express your individual style and taste rather than follow trends and fads. You want to be able to look at your photos years later and admire a more timeless approach to fashion rather than keeping in line with the current trends, so avoid something that will date or go out of fashion.

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