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April 16, 2019

Our lovely customer Olivia decided to wear the Dolce Dress by Elliatt to one of her friend’s wedding in Casuarina on Tweed Coast NSW. Beautiful setting by the coastal area, this fun and flirty style is perfect for any daytime occasion or a cocktail event! Featuring a lovely abstract print with a deep v-neckline and a full skirt that will move effortlessly with you. Read more about Olivia’s experience below.

Tell us about the occasion that you rented GC item for?

I recently rented my GlamCorner dress to wear to a friend’s wedding in Casuarina, which is a little holiday town on the Tweed Coast in NSW. They had a gorgeous seaside ceremony at an ocean lookout. The reception was at a stunning venue with fairy-lit walkways, a private garden, and a late-night whiskey bar. It was a magical weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney!

Why did you decide on this style?

I chose the Dolce Dress by The Elliatt Collective because I was aiming for a dress with a splash of colour – something formal but fun for a coastal wedding. In all honesty, this GC Dress was a last-minute purchase I made in full crisis mode. I had rented a dress from a different website two days prior to my event and it was a total disaster (too small, short, and not how I imagined it to look on). That night I frantically trawled online for next day delivery rentals – GlamCorner to the rescue!

Why rent over buy?

There are a number of reasons I’m on the renting bandwagon. I recently moved to a smaller apartment, and the number of clothes I was having to discard or donate was horrendous. I definitely want to reduce my clothes waste, so renting answers that eternal dilemma (and natural impulse) of wanting to buy a new outfit for every occasion. It’s both sustainable and affordable! What’s more, wearing garments from high-end labels like Zimmermann and Alice McCall used to be the stuff of dreams, and renting allows me to feel a million dollars for a day!

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Has renting changed your shopping habits? If yes, how so?

Renting has certainly changed my shopping habits. I shop more freely and fashionably, as I can justify designer wear when I’m renting it for a fraction of the retail price. I no longer feel guilty for picking a new outfit for every special occasion. The environment (and my wallet) will be thanking me!

Why GlamCorner?

I have explored different rental websites for a few years now, and none have been as efficient as GlamCorner. GlamCorner offers next day delivery, has an enormous but navigable selection of clothes, AND allows you to choose a backup dress if it doesn’t work out. It’s certainly unmatched on the rental scene!

Did you enjoy your overall experience with GlamCorner? What part of the process was memorable?

I have loved my overall experience with GlamCorner. Choosing an outfit for a special occasion can be stressful, especially when you’ve made a few purchases that aren’t working out. My last-minute GC purchase arrived within 24 hours, fit perfectly and exceeded my expectations. The compliments I received on the day were the cherry on top of a perfect experience!

Would you recommend us to your friends and family? If so, what would you tell them?

Yes, yes, yes! It’s a no-brainer. I had GC recommended to me by a friend and I’ve been so impressed. I will be telling my girlfriends and family that GC is a fashionable, affordable and sustainable option for their next big event.

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