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What to Wear to a Picnic

Cafe’s not hitting the mark? Consistently ordering the same meal? Or maybe your your repeating the same daily tasks over and over again? If technology has overrun your standard 9-5 day… to week… to month, it might be time for you to consider picking and packing for a DIY micro adventure!

Time to switch off

It’s a different story, from say 60 years ago when we all got one or two hours more sleep and weren’t required to bring work home with us. Research by Microsoft even shows our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. Eek! In times like these, we often feel depleted and reach for a cup of coffee for a little pick me up. It can be said that we have reeked the consequences of overworking and it has obscured our good habits of healthy eating, exercise and socialisation. So it might be time to take a chance in your next spare moment, to try something different?

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Call your girls, it’s time to gather! The term picnic originated from the French word picque-nique, its meaning very similar to how we refer to the concept of picnic as a social gathering of food or a leisurely style of eating. Essentially a picnic is a spontaneous, carefree and uncomplicated adventure. Nothing beats finding a picture perfect location and enjoying bliss with fresh surroundings, good company and easy everyday savoury and sweet dishes. From rich and tangy, to creamy and aromatic, sharp and crisp, to light and smokey, there’s a taste that will delight everyone! With a very open agenda, a picnic is really one of the lost treasures of modern society. It’s time to press pause from your daily life, so read on to explore four flavoursome trends to try.

Prairie Chic \ spring

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Location: grassy field, park, mountain, river
Activities: endless cheese and wine
Trend: uptown girl meets Parisian chic

Forget tables and chairs, and forget about being confined to rooms. Bathe in the sun rays or pop yourself up onto a garden wall to take in the daytime view. Think the Sound of Music. Where Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews) leads the children up lush alpine pastures to hilltops that overlook to mountain tops. Isn’t it just divine?

Spring is all about the weather warming up! This season, there has never been a better time to pack up for a picnic. Take every chance to show off your spontaneity. Be playful in a in an upbeat and colourful floral rose midi or opt for flared sleeves in an oversized t-shirt dress for a more modern tone. Frame your décolletage with a feminine sweetheart neckline or cinch in your waist with a statement belt for a sleek and defined hourglass frame. This season’s flirty finishing touches? Wrap a light scarf around your bare shoulders or bandana up and claim a pair of vintage-style sunnies for impact. Before you go, grab a basket weave bag – complete with a bottle of champagne and French cheese and crackers of course!

Tasselation \ summer

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Location: rooftop, beachside, your own backyard
Activities: drinking a refreshingly cool Aperol Spritz or tropical cocktail punch
Trend: have a fling with fringing

Swap your tailored dress for a flirty dance with silky tassels. Head up to a rural oasis and soak up the heat, or escape the summer heatwave with a DIY beer garden in your very own backyard! Key in summer buzz words like ‘playful’ and ‘joyful’ as you recall flamenco dancers or the Great Gatsby era of exuberance and fuse them within contemporary shapes and materials.

Go for lighter, cooler colours, sheer, chiffon fabrics and relaxed fit silhouettes. Bare your shoulders in a curve-skimming crochet dress or experiment with an mini playsuit with tassel embellished hem accents for a softer, more whimsical effect. Frolic around with watercolour florals in a babydoll silhouette and tie around tassel details for a super feminine and versatile look! Wear with a oversized denim jacket to enliven a minimalist vibe for the occasional change in weather, or accessorise with 30’s retro pendant rings for an effortlessly chic style. What are you waiting for? Swish Swish.

Boho Luxe \ autumn

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Location: park, scenic waterfall, treehouse
Activities: sharing an antipasto platter
Trend: barefoot with a bottle of bubbly

Stride like a free spirit with flowing layers and contrasting textures to abstract patterns. Set yourself aside with a trip back to late 60’s Morocco, on a starlit terrace overlooking the textile beauties of Marrakesh.

Romance with the change in cooler weather, perfect for clinking a glass in celebration for an anniversary or even a girl’s night. Adorn yourself in longer silhouettes with an easy-breezy flair. Wide-leg jumpsuits and curve-skimming wrap maxi skirts are perfect options. An added bonus? They add warmth without the added bulk. Block sandals and weave accessories are a great match as well! To sweeten up your style, play around with pastel shades and paisley swirls – these will definitely help you pull on some heartstrings. La vie de boheme *clinks glasses*.

Velvet Dreams \ winter

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Location: campfire, snow, ski resort
Activities: cheese fondue mmmm
Trend: the velvet touch that captures hearts

Daydream yourself from your 9-to-5, out to a Renaissance fair or onto a lavish estate of a Parisian gamine. You’re about to find some common threads between something that dates as far back as the seventh century to the 21st century woman.

Warm summer days have simmered down to a distant memory. So indulge this winter season in a personal favourite – the lavish velvet. We’re endorsing this winter penchant for sophisticated daytime wear for its elevated warmth factor, versatile drape and opulent finish. Great as a rich layered ensemble, pair a Victorian style a-line midi dress with a plush faux fur wrap for a serious style aficionado. Go for classic lifts by donning finite details, in a high neckline with delicate ruching or subtle velvet trims for cuffs. It’s a lady-like enough statement alternative to those daring for a head-to-toe look, clad in loafers or leather mules. Velvet is back in vogue!

Picnic Checklist

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From baguettes to fruit salads and cocktails, embark on a micro journey to enjoy your personal hamper full of goodies. Whatever you choose will be beneficial and totally affordable. Remember it’s a quick and easy getaway to switch off for a couple of hours. We hope you’ve been inspired to pick a picnic rendezvous. Psstt! It’s actually proven to fine tune your wellbeing in ways of:

Increasing wellness
Minimising stress
Optimising digital silence
Recharging to refuel

*For more tips for a longer getaway, read our blog for how to pack smart for your next holiday!

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