Winter Makeup Tips: Style Guide

Winter makeup

From the base layers to the winter-worthy dramatic eyes, changing up your winter makeup in the winter months can make you feel like you've had a complete makeover! As the winter weather starts to really kick in and our wardrobes begin to fill with scarves and winter woollies, think of it as a perfect time to have an early spring clean of the makeup bag, and freshen up what you've got inside.

Read on, and draw from the latest winter makeup trends for a fresh faced take on what you've been sporting for the last five months. Take on the harsher winter weather, with some of our ready-to-go top winter makeup tips.

Eye For An Eye

eye- winter makeup trend

Image Source: The Blonde Salad

As according to what graced the models faces as they paraded down this years Autumn/Winter runways, we can safely say that 2016's winter makeup trends are all about bigger and better!

When it comes to eye makeup trends, while painting a white line in thick acrylic paint above your eyelids may seem a tad extreme, finding a trend and learning how to take it from runway to everyday is THE top trick when it comes to navigating the latest in winter makeup trends.

How to do this? You may ask. Easy! Pick a colour, any colour, and roll with it. Whether you opt for you a simple line of eye shadow across the top of your eyelids, close to your lashes, or go all out and colour in your lids with varied tones of said colour, moving away from the standard eyeshadows you always use will make for a dramatic new look, that everyone's bound to love!

eye - winter makeup trends.1

eye - winter makeup trends

Image Source: Pinterest; The Blonde Salad

To make choosing your colour easy, stick to a simple palette that works well with your overall colourings. Darker skin tones should lean towards the lighter shades: yellows, silvers, white; anything that will reflect the light. While paler skin tones should look for shades that will make their eyes, and skin, POP. Think navy blues, khaki greens and red-brown.

The key to making this look more everyday-wearable, however, is to keep it subtle. Dramatic colours work best when paired with an understated base or a simple lip. If you opt for a coloured shadow, draw a simple, cat-eye line done in black liner as close to your lashes as possible, to finish the entire look.

Kiss Me!

lipstick - winter makeup trend

Image Source: Pinterest

If dramatic, over-the-top eyes are not up your alley, fear not! Dark, statement making lips were out to play during the 2016 Autumn/Winter fashion shows, meaning they're your new best friend when it comes to re-vamping your winter makeup.

The secret to perfecting this look is to opt for the deepest, darkest colour you can find, and keep the rest of your makeup super simple. In doing so, you're letting your lips do all the talking (literally) and simply accentuating the rest of your features.

Trying to maintain your lipstick all day/night long does require some serious handwork. Our top tip is to use a lip liner, always! Outlining your lips with a liner, as well as lightly colouring them in, means the lipstick pigments will stay longer as they have base to stick to.

To finish it off, find a gloss in a similar colour and lightly paint it on top. It will act like a sealer, as well as making your lips look lovely and full.

Pretty and Pale

pale - winter makeup tip

Image Source: Vogue

Forget the need for a new bronzer or blush, this year's Winter makeup trends have seen the face go almost completely nude with only a tiny hint of colour along the cheek bones. Think along the lines of the dewy Summer makeup trends, however this time, we are embracing the pale Winter skin tones and complementing them with soft highlighters and pale pink cheekbone colourings.

The art to perfecting this look is to start with a base foundation that completely matches your winter skin tone. Look for one that is slightly lighter than the colour of your neck as this will allow for the foundation to blend across the chin bone and onto your neck easily.

When it comes to drawing out the colour in your cheeks, my top tip is to find a blush or bronzer with pale peach and light pink pigments and lightly brush them along the top of your cheekbones. Even better yet, use an orange or pale pink toned lipstick and blend them into the line just under your cheekbones for a perfect winter wind-kissed blush.

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