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Our Top 5 Makeup Tips for Race Day

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Finding the perfect makeup look to accompany your race day look can be a little tricky. We are usually faced with  lots of never ending questions such as, what products do I use to make my look last effectively all day, how do I find the right balance between subtle and overdone, and how can I complement my outfit choice without looking overdone or more wild night out than fresh day at the races. Before you even begin to consider your makeup look, it’s important to understand that race day makeup is slightly different to your average daytime function and may require a little more tender love and care. The three key elements you must consider are natural outdoor light, unpredictable weather and photo quality.

Key Elements To Consider

The Weather

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The weather is a super important element to consider as it will determine what products will be the best to use on the day. It goes without saying, for an all-day event like the races you should be using long lasting products and setting them with good moisturisers and primers. Waterproof/smudgeproof mascara and liners are your best friend and for the perfectly set lip you can’t go past a long lasting matte lipstick. Generally speaking, matte products usually wear better with unpredictable weather conditions. If you do decide to go with a shimmer based product make sure you set it with a good primer to avoid it creasing or becoming too oily.

Natural Light

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It is important to consider that you most probably will be spending the majority of the day outdoors which means that when it comes to your makeup look, natural lighting will play an integral role. The more makeup you apply, the more likely you will be to accentuate your imperfections and fine lines. The best rule to remember is keep it simple. Keep heavy foundations to a minimal and allow your skin to breathe. Also, not using too much will avoid a heavy ‘caked’ look that is likely to be ten times more visible in outdoor lighting. Using a setting powder is also a great way to avoid drawing too much attention to your imperfections.

Photo Quality

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How you apply your makeup products can be the difference between your photos looking flawless and chiseled or pale and drab. Pick the right products and you’ll be left looking and feeling camera ready. A great tip for adding subtle drama and edge to your look is contouring.Contouring can offer you immense dimension making you look more defined in your pictures by giving your face more light and highlighting your bone structure. Avoid using super heavy highlighters as they can make you look more oily rather than a glowing goddess.Read more on how to style yourself perfectly at your next race day event with our top 5 makeup tips to help you achieve an effortlessly glam look that won’t take away from your gorgeous outfit. This season is all about rocking the mantra ‘less is more’. We’ll show you our hot simple tips to ensure you’ll create maximum impact while wearing less makeup.

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Makeup Tips For Race Day

The Bold Lip

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The bold lip is your instant drama go-to look. A timeless style tip that has stood the test of time and will always offer you maximum impact in a matter of minutes. The important thing to remember is to use a colour that complements or ties in with your outfit. To achieve this it’s best to look at the colours used in your garment and either match up the colour or opt for a colour that gives contrast to your outfit.TIP: To ensure lips look lush and healthy, apply a moisturising lip balm prior to lipstick application and use a pencil to outline lips for a clean finish.


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The perfect accompaniment to a fresh flawless face is undoubtedly the glowing cheekbone which is incredibly simple yet super effective. The hottest trend at the moment is highlighter which can be best used on cheekbones, tip of the nose and above the lip. Take extra care to not overindulge and apply too much highlighter or super heavy highlighters. Remember, a little can go a long way so you should be super mindful of this.TIP: Before using a highlighter, apply a bronzer to create more depth. Sweep outwards on the apples of your cheeks.

Rose Gold Eyes

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Rose gold has now been trending for a while in the world of fashion so it seems fitting that it would be adapted into this spring season’s top beauty looks. The rose gold metallic eye takes a modern approach to the metallic smokey eye, offering a fresh ethereal feminine look. This super earthy tone is perfect for daytime wear and will no doubt have you feeling glam and girly effortlessly. Finish your super glam look off by adding a touch of powder to the inner corner of the eyes.

Tip: Use a base primer on your eyelids before eyeshadow application for a longer lasting crease free look.

Winged Cat Eye

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It’s truly amazing what beautifully applied eyeliner can do to your overall makeup look. If used properly, a good eyeliner can open up and frame your eyes. The key is to not make the line too thick, again less is more and you don’t want to make your look extremely heavy and harsh.To apply correctly start from the inner corner of your eye and slowly make your way to the outer corner, finish by creating a flick upwards and out.

Tip: To complete your bold look apply a layer of black voluminous long lasting mascara to your lashes.

The Statement Brow

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It goes without saying that you really should always work with what best suits your face, however one of the hottest trends at the moment is exaggerated bold brows. We realise that everyone naturally has a different shape when it comes to eyebrows, but now more than ever it has become increasingly acceptable to keep brows fuller and less perfectly manicured. To achieve this look, you should brush your eyebrows using an eyebrow brush, then use a pencil or powder to create darker and more defined brows.

Tip: Eyebrows are a great way to frame the face. To keep eyebrow hairs smooth and in place use a small amount of brow gel.

Extra Tips

So there you have it ladies, the top beauty trends this spring to emulate at your next racing carnival day. Whether you are after glowing features, bold lips or defined elements, you’ll be sure to make your ultimate beauty mark this spring racing season. Always remember, the general key is when in doubt, less is always more!

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