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What to Wear to the Theatre

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February 17, 2018

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There was a time when attending the theatre was a big deal and people would get excited at the thought of lavish evening gowns and lush satin gloves worn from finger to elbow. Going to the theatre was like going to the Oscars! Everything had to be thought out and put together impeccably. Your fashion look was crucial as the theatre was the place to be seen and could essentially set you apart from your social peers.

When attending the theatre, it was considered that a certain level of respect for your attire would be in play. Your outfit choice would represent a love and understanding of the arts and therefore complement the formal atmosphere of the theatre! Expression of fashion at the theatre represented a symbol of class and elegance which showed you understood and appreciated the production.

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Nowadays, the theatre has become more accessible to the everyday fashionista, and by that I mean the girl who loves to rock a pair of fitted jeans, nice crisp white skirt and a beautifully tailored blazer. While I’m all for the philosophy of comfort being key, I have to say the majestic value that overly opulent fashion bought to old school theatre has sadly gone astray! I get it, we are all super busy and after fashion looks that offer us fast and easy wear. However I have to ask the question, is dressing up not what makes the theatre ever so more exciting and thrilling to attend?

Fancy attire is to the theatre what popcorn is to the movies, a necessity! It’s a damn shame to have seen it diminish in value over the years and, in my opinion, is in desperate need of a revival! It is ironic how today if you were to turn up to the theatre slightly ‘dressed up’ you would be seen as the odd one out for essentially trying too hard.

Whatever you choose to wear to the theatre don’t be afraid to glam it up. Wear what makes you feel good, celebrate a night or day experiencing the arts and indulge in a little over the top theatrics with your premier worthy fashion look. To make it slightly more realistic to today’s fashion trends, women should opt for a smart cocktail dress or tailored pant suit for that perfect balance in semi-formal attire and perhaps for an extra touch of effortless glam try adding a faux fur bolero to your look.

So let’s get the show on the road with our award worthy top looks guaranteed to have you feeling like the star of the show at your next theatre event.

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The Leading Lady

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The understated suit is a great semi-formal look to try at your next theatre event. This look is a great option for business to evening wear, perfect for an after work mid-week production. An easily transferable form fitted silhouette offering you a glamorously comfortable style at the same time. Complete your look with a bold red lip and gold statement piece jewellery.

The Screen Siren

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Julia Roberts was the epitome of elegance in the 1990 hit movie Pretty Woman. The glowing beauty showed us how to glam it up with a beautiful red off-the shoulder dress. Who would have thought that 28 years later it would become one of the most iconic dresses to ever be worn on screen. The dress seen here was worn by Julia in the film for a theatre date night. Make it a real life fairy tale by pairing your look with a bejewelled necklace.

The Razzle Dazzler

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Not afraid of being the centre of attention, well then stand out with a spectacular sequinned midi dress. Nothing screams theatre more than jewels and sparkle, so don’t hesitate by opting for a slightly stretched lined fabric to ensure comfort and ease in movement. To complete this alluring Hollywood glam style, add a white faux fur bolero and soft textured waves to your hair. Keep you makeup up look simple with a glossed nude coloured lip and lightly bronzed cheekbone.

The Dramatic Number

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For dramatic style and an effortless edge opt for a textured ruffle number. Take it to the next level in a richly coloured hue such as mustard yellow and you’ll be guaranteed a winner. For a slightly softened look, add a touch of floral patterning to your style. Big oversized sleeves and tiered hemlines will be all the rage and a good talking point. To complete this wonderful style add a pair of oversized velvet platform shoes and paired back gold accessory accents.

The Supporting Act

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Do you consider yourself a quite achiever when it comes to fashion? Make an understated yet classically elegant statement with a clean cut 3/4 length Jumpsuit. A navy blue jersey fabric will give you the perfect amount of evening wear glam. This style will leave you feeling super comfortable! Pair it with a slender heel and loose wave curls for that girl next door vibe. Add a pair of delicate gold drop hoop earrings for an effortlessly flawless finish!

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Theatre Etiquette


  1. Consider the weather/ room temperature. Always take something to throw over your shoulders as there is nothing worse that freezing for over an hour or two. (e.g. Bolero, warp or even a small scarf).
  2. Be on time. Avoid the walk of shame to your seat after the show has already begun. If the show starts at 8 p.m. aim to be there 7:30 p.m. to give yourself enough time to go to the bathroom and find your seat.
  3. Glam it up but don’t feel pressured to over dress! The theatre is supposed to be an enjoyable and social experience for all to share. Keep it realistic for you!
  4. Put your phone on silent! This is a no brainer, don’t be that girl (or guy) who has to melt into their seat because everyone is staring them down like a disobedient child.
  5. Don’t talk during the show. Keep all conversations and opinions for the end of the show. Avoid disturbing people around you by talking loudly. If you need to say something whisper softly.


  1. Obstruct the view of the person sitting behind you with elaborate fashion such as big bows or over the top hats.
  2. Wear flip flops. Have some respect for old school theatre fashion etiquette and dress up to a refined standard.
  3. Fall asleep! Besides the fact that this is incredible rude, the last thing you want to do is get so comfortable you start snoring out loud. If you’re feeling a bit tired have a cup of coffee (or anything else that helps) before the show to help keep you awake.
  4. Text Message during the show even if you have your phone on silent. Chances are the light from your phone will be super distracting for the person sitting next to you.
  5. Take photos. While you might be tempted to post a pic on social, chances are no photos are allowed and your flashy flash might just get you blacklisted.

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