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Acler Dresses

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Dive into GlamCorner's exquisite range of Acler Dresses, meticulously crafted to blend modern femininity and refined minimalism. Rent or buy your favourite today!


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Acler - Wray Midi Dress
$199 to buy$495 retail
Acler Geneva Dress Pleats
$59 rental$450 retail
$53.10 rental
Acler Granville Dress Black Mini
$129 rental$450 retail
$116.10 rental
Acler Carlton Dress Ivory Mini
$99 rental$595 retail
$89.10 rental
Acler Valentine Dress Ivory
$199 to buy$550 retail
$79.60 to buy
Acler Bicknell Dress Peach Parfait Midi
$89 rental$595 retail
$80.10 rental
Acler Cresta Dress Apple Midi
$169 rental$550 retail
$152.10 rental
Acler Palms Dress Navy
$149 rental$495 retail
$134.10 rental
Acler Mattison Dress Navy Posey Floral
$139 rental$595 retail
$125.10 rental
Acler Bonhill Dress Navy Posey
$259 to buy$495 retail
$103.60 to buy

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The Artistry of Acler Dresses

At GlamCorner, we celebrate the sartorial brilliance of Acler. An Australian gem in the world of fashion, Acler stands out with its harmonious blend of refined minimalism and modern femininity. But what truly sets Acler apart is the meticulous craftsmanship behind every piece. Each Acler dress is more than just a garment; it's a testament to masterful draping, quality textiles, and dramatic silhouettes.

A Dress for Every Affair

Whether you're attending a formal gala, a friend's wedding, or a casual brunch, GlamCorner's range of Acler dresses has something tailored for every occasion. Discover mini dresses that encapsulate youthful charm, sophisticated maxi dresses that exude elegance, or midi dresses that strike the perfect balance for any event.

Beyond just the length, each Acler piece carries a distinct signature—artful draping techniques combined with exquisite materials, culminating in silhouettes that never fail to command attention.

Acler: More Than Just Dresses

While our Acler dresses are the crown jewels, we invite you to explore a broader realm of Acler's offerings. From chic skirts perfect for race-day events to tops that can effortlessly transition from day to night, Acler's versatile collection promises to elevate any wardrobe.

Your Fashion, Your Way

At GlamCorner, you're at the helm of your fashion journey. Choose to rent an Acler ensemble for that special event or purchase it to cherish forever. With GlamCorner, you experience the best of Australian design, right at your fingertips.

Recent Acler Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented Acler Dresses rated on average 4.3 stars based on 93 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 29
Nicer than the pics.
When I first pulled this out of the bag I was very excited as I think the fabric looks nicer than the pictures. However the fabric was quite heavy and hot and it was a very sunny weekend. The skirt doesn’t suit a short hourglass figure it kind of flares substantially across the hips. Would be gorgeous in cooler weather for a straighter figure and taller person.
September 29
Gorgeous! Too hard to put on
This was probably a little tight but I am normally an eight. I loved it. Great design and fabric. The top was gorgeous but so impossible to put on with the intricate ties and buttons at the back! So not suited for a woman living on her own. The skirt was gorgeous, a little too tight to pair with a midriff as it cut into my stomach a little but I wore with a longer top :)
Courtnee , Geelong VIC
September 26
Runs large
This jacket is very oversized, gives that boyfriend bomber jacket type look. Not what I was going for when I hired this piece.
Hired Florence Denim Jacket by Acler
Elaine , Sydney
September 14
No true to size
I am a standard size 12 and there was no way the zip was going to close. There is zero give in the fabric which I think is the main issue. I am so disappointed because I love everything about this dress and had my heart set on wearing it for my birthday.
Courtney , OXLEY
September 6
Love this but was too small
I love this dress so much but it definitely runs and size or two too small. The 14 is better for a 12 or even a 10
September 6
Fun but a bit lightweight?
This was a different trench and I did like the style I rented a ten so the sleeves were a little long but you could kind of do them up with the cuffs. I was told I looked like a super model ha ha . It’s not the best in winter as it’s quite lightweight and I’m not sure I would want this coat in warmer weather? It can also crease somewhat easily.!