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Alemais Clothing

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Discover the unique and vibrant world of Alemais clothing, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design, exclusively available at GlamCorner.


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Alemais Soleil Folk Print Linen Dress Multicolour
$139 rental$789 retail
$118.15 rental
Alemais Siena Off Shoulder Dress Green
$399 to buy$465 retail
$239.40 to buy
Alemais Carlos Lace Up Mini Dress Pearl
$249 to buy$345 retail
$149.40 to buy
Alemais Sloane Tiered Midi Multi Stripe
$69 rental$495 retail
$58.65 rental
Alemais Marta Patchwork Shirtdress Dress
$399 to buy$675 retail
$239.40 to buy
Alemais Marta Cutout Midi Dress
$139 rental$595 retail
$118.15 rental
Alemais Cabana Midi Shirtdress
$399 to buy$575 retail
$239.40 to buy
Alemais Star Lace Spliced Dress High Neck
$189 to buy$495 retail
$113.40 to buy
Alemais Phyllis Pleat Mini Dress
$189 to buy$445 retail
$113.40 to buy
Alemais Farrah Ruffle Mini Dress
$249 to buy$395 retail
$149.40 to buy
Alemais Axum Mini Dress
$249 to buy$325 retail
$149.40 to buy
Alemais Axum Midi Dress
$249 to buy$395 retail
$149.40 to buy
Alemais Ships Ahoy Midi Dress front
$139 rental$695 retail
$118.15 rental

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Alemais Dress Collection

Immerse yourself in the eclectic and artistic expression of Alemais clothing, available at GlamCorner. This collection is marked by its dedication to detail and a vibrant blend of cultural influences, offering pieces that stand out for their originality and craftsmanship. Whether you're drawn to the bohemian charm of an Alemais dress or the tailored sophistication of an Alemais shirt, each garment promises to bring a distinctive flair to your wardrobe.

Suitable for Every Occasion

Alemais designs clothing that perfectly balances form with function, making its pieces suitablefor a variety of settings. From casual daytime gatherings to more formal events, Alemais ensures that every outfit is both practical and striking. Embrace the versatility of their clothing, which includes everything from relaxed linen dresses to structured blouses that cater to both comfort and style.

Spotlight on Alemais

At GlamCorner, we are proud to feature Alemais, a brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. Alemais is renowned for its use of natural fibers and its dedication to eco-friendly production practices. The designer, Lesleigh Jermanus, infuses her Australian heritage with global artisan techniques, resulting in garments that are not only beautiful but also tell a story of cultural harmony and respect for nature.

The GlamCorner Experience

Opting for Alemais clothing rental from GlamCorner allows you to enjoy luxury fashion with sustainability in mind. Our service supports the circular economy by extending the life of garments and reducing waste. Experience the joy of wearing exceptional fashion pieces without the environmental guilt, and change your outfits as often as you like with our flexible rental options.

FAQs About Alemais Clothing

- What are the signature features of Alemais clothing?

Alemais is celebrated for its rich patterns, vibrant colors, and commitment to sustainable materials, contributing to its distinctive aesthetic appeal.

- How can I style Alemais clothing for a summer event?

For a chic summer look, pair an Alemais linen dress with light sandals and minimalist jewelry to stay cool and stylish.

- What makes Alemais a sustainable fashion choice?

Alemais emphasises ethical production practices, utilising organic materials and traditional handcrafting techniques to minimise environmental impact.

- Can Alemais clothing be worn in professional settings?

Absolutely. Alemais offers pieces like tailored shirts and elegant dresses, perfect for creating a professional and polished appearance.

Recent Alemais Clothing Reviews

Customers who rented Alemais Clothing rated on average 4.3 stars based on 24 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
June 25
Complimented on these pants
Beautiful pants - 6 was too small. 10 I had to wear with heels. Loved the tailored fit.
May 13
Gorgeous top but I couldn’t wear
Too small to do up. Not a great deal of coverage! Beautiful fabric and style though.
April 23
Funky but not quite right
I rented this to wear casually for the month, but I found I couldn’t wear it often. It was hard to match stuff with as it was really long, so when I tried tucking it into clothes it puffed out a bit and didn’t fit right. It wasn’t as white as it seemed in the photos either. It’s such a shame because I think if it was shorted and smaller it would have been really cool. The flower pattern was pretty though.
April 17
Size 6 fit well. I liked it didn’t love it.
Other people did compliment me on the dress. I guess I felt a little grumpy in it?
April 1
Interesting dress! Loved the material
I liked the design of this dress and I think they have been quite careful with fabric and cut … it was too small for me unfortunately as they only had the six available, I’m usually an eight though. It’s quite short which I don’t mind but others may.
February 23, 2023
Most beautiful pair of shorts I’ve ever worn.
I want to buy these. They are so flattering and well made. Stunning